Neda Agha SoltanI saw something today that literally tore my heart to pieces and made me cry out loud. Like many of you I am following the events in Iran closely. A revolution 30 years ago toppled a despised ruler who tried to force secularism down the throats of the Iranians. Fast forward to today and another revolution is trying to build up speed to topple an oppressive regime using fear and religion to keep people in line and obedient. Whereas the previous regime used secret police to do their dirty work the current rulers use plain clothes militia (Basiji) that are really no better than armed thugs. With the power granted to them by their weapons and tacit approval by the government they terrorize and intimidate anyone that stands out and presents a threat.  On 20 June a 26 year old Iranian woman named Neda Agha Soltan was on the street with her music teacher watching the demonstrations when  a sniper shot her in the chest with a high power weapon. In less than 2 minutes she died from her traumatic injuries, nothing could have saved her. This is a video of her last moments. Watch it. This is what the enemy of freedom does to it’s enemies. If you turn your back it will come for you and your loved ones. This lovely woman was some body’s daughter. She could represent anyone’s daughter, sister, or wife.

If you can do something, do it! If not, then talk about it, share it. Tell your president this should not stand.

When you look at this video her eyes look at the camera phone at first. She is looking at all of us.