April 2009

I saw this on my Plurk time line today and I was wowed by it! A group of Tolkien fans have come together and created a fan fiction movie 40 minutes in length dealing Aragorn’s search for Gollum. In the Ring trilogy it’s only given a brief description so these people decided to write and film it for themselves. The website for the product is here :  http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/

Here are the trailers on Vimeo:

The production values are outstanding to say the least! In a way these fans remind me of how some in SL take fiction and create their own stories from it via Role Play. And they do it very cheaply too. A game based on a popular franchise cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to produce. An SL group will pay a minuscule fraction of that. Now compare “The Hunt for Gollum” produced for some $6,000 to the LOTR trilogy that cost millions. Wow, just wow.

I know where I will be the 3rd of May!

RC sailboat – SWB Skutsje

Every now and again a new toy or device arrives in SL that is just plain fun. The last thing was Seven Seas Fishing. It is fun, social and you are awarded with free fishes, creatures and puzzles to solve. Today while in Nantucket I saw something that caught my eye. A “radio controlled” sailboat. The Dutch sailing barge, or “Skutsje” was lovingly crafted by Surfwidow Beaumont and it incorporates several HUDs (Control, Camera, and Control). Like most sailboats in SL the Skutsje uses the SL wind physics to drive it (it also can run on a motor). You also get a hand held remote to simulate the experience.

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 1

The particle wakes are a nice touch too:

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 2

The package also comes with miniature bouys so you could set up a race course and run for time.

I recommend using Mouselook to sail it and using CTRL-8,9,0 to zoom in and out to track the sailboat better at distances.

You can buy your own for only $250L here:


SL musician Kori Travanti hits the papers

Kori Linae Carrothers, aka, Kori Travanti was recently interviewed by the Orange County Register about her upcoming CD, Trillium, and how she came to be a musician.

Kori is on hiatus from SL to work on her new CD and hopefully will come back someday.

Kori Travanti


Kori’s music can be heard on KONA Radio

KONA Radio Sunday Listener Party 430-530PM SLT – 5 April 2009

Today at 430pm SLT KONA Radio hosts its weekly listener party at the KONA Radio Studios in Nowhereville.

We feature the past week’s 100 Word Stories from Crap Mariner, Music Trivia, and selected tunes from the KONA Radio playlist.

KONA Radio : http://www.konastream.com