April 2008

If I told you once, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

I was thinking of my mother when I came up with this. This is the Chou Chou sim you’ve all seen screenshots from. Dunno what everyone else gets from it. I just hear my mom nagging at me 🙂 .


Yesterday an EF3 (possibly an EF4) tornado ripped through Suffolk, VA doing major damage. I have a lot of in-laws who live in that area and I was very concerned for their well being. All of them are fine and accounted for, thank god. It was very eerie seeing places I knew very well totally devastated. Hardest hit was the small community of Driver where I was married back in 1990. The church suffered minor damage, but several landmarks were wiped out completely.

I had a close call with a tornado back in 1993 when I used to drive a daily route between Suffolk and Richmond, VA. There is a very tall prominent bridge that crosses the James River that was struck by a tornado after it killed 3 people at a Walmart in Petersburg, VA. 6 tractor trailers were flipped on their side some 10 minutes after I crossed the bridge in a driving rainstorm. Had I been on the bridge when it hit I could have been flung over the side in my 24 ft Ryder truck. For years afterwards you could see the tree damage on either side of the river where the tornado cut through the trees. It really put things in perspective for me at the time.



Just a quick note that I have signed up for the public beta, installed the client and logged in world. Definitely not ready for the typical joe. There are no English menus and my system cannot render Chinese script either. I was able to stumble through avatar creation and arrive inworld. The 3 male and 3 female avatars are asian in appearance and not to bad looking. The hair is non prim, yuck. When you rez there you are lost! The menus are unusable and when you do try to chat you see gibberish. So I actively avoided other avatars and explored. Graphically speaking the ground looks very familiar. It was night time and the sky was pretty. The trees, rock s, and water all looked very good. Much better than the basic Linden stuff.

Until such time HiPiHi releases a client with English menus I don’t think I’ll spend much time there. I can’t chat with the locals! Maybe SuzanneC Baskerville has some insight into this.


Today is the first rez day for Nexo Sands and her friend arkin Masala. I first met Nexo about a year ago in the Fusion Bay sim. For those who remember Fusion Bay was a very popular sim that featured a nude beach and a shopping mall. Heck, there were times when 100 people would be packed onto the sim! KONA Radio was featured there and I had many fans who loved the station. One of the nicest people I had met there was Nexo Sands. She reminded me that she requested a Jimmy Buffet song and that I played it for her :). Nexo has since gone on to be pretty successful managing and assisting many SL music artist such as Dexter Inhen

I was invited to her party where Dexter played a few songs:
Dexter Ihnen

Nexo and arkin cutting a rug:
Nexo Sands & arkin Masala

And here is GoSpeed washing out my colors with her face light 🙂
Facelight washout

Pffft, as if I wasn’t white enough! LOL


Pics courtesy of GoSpeed

PS! Happy Second Rez day to Tasha Kostolany!
Sweetness Personified

Loyal Tasaha, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

Sometimes people don’t know how others feel about them until you say it!

To Tasha, a very special person who means so much to me and my dear friends. Bless you!

Second Life Video group established on Flickr

The first Second Life video group has been created today. You can find it at :


The group is PG and we are looking for members to join. Also we need volunteers to help moderate the group. If you produce videos from SL then please join and share! Remember the file size limit is 150mb and the length can be no longer than 90 seconds per Flickr’s policies.



Because Linden Labs are being such butt heads about people using their name I’ve decided to change the URL of my blog and move it over. My New URL is


the title is “GoSpeed Racer, a Second Life Avatar”

Please update your links please!


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