June 2010

For the past 3 years KONA Radio has derived it’s operating funds by having sponsors and soliciting donations. This has served pretty well as my income has easily met my expenses. However do to a recent and sustained increase in listenership my cost in royalty fees has jumped dramatically. In this current economy it’s getting more difficult to find people who are willing to sponsor, but there is still interest in advertising. Effective next month I’ll be changing licensing entities and will run advertising spots on air. Unlike terrestrial radio and many of the big web stations The advertising will not be in large blocks and will generally last less then a minute in duration. As a nod to my fans I’ll probably make the music sets longer between commercials.

So, if you’re interested in advertising on the most popular Second Life radio station as well as a popular iTunes radio station please contact me in world or send me an email at Ravishal.Bentham@gmail.com .

KONA Radio will be participating at the Second Life 7th Birthday festivities this summer. The theme this year is “Unexpected Collaborations” and our exhibit will highlight some of the people who we’ve collaborated with the past 3 years. We will have a few live events planned to include a Motown night hosted by GoSpeed Racer and other themes. Real Life will keep us busy for most of the upcoming week but expect us be around early evenings and on the weekends.

Our location at SL7B

The doors open Monday the 21st at 10AM SLT. If you’re exploring on foot just look for a tall radio tower with a flashing red light on top.

Ready or Not

New Programming For KONA Radio

I’ve added more programming to the line up to include an old favorite of mine; Cheeze Pleeze. It’s sort of a Dr Demento show with moose antlers. It airs Sunday nights at 7pm Eastern. I’ve been a bit hesitant to run this as it is pretty out there with it’s music selections. But watching the numbers I see people stick with it and don’t tune off in droves.

Takin’ You Back with Kurt David is a nostalgic look back at the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. TYB is aired Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8AM and 8PM Eastern respectively. And of course our old favorite Saving The 70s with Mike Walker is aired Wednesdays at 8AM and 8PM Eastern. And of course the longest running event is our very own Sunday Listener Party where I hand pick a few tunes and play some music history podcasts at 730pm Eastern right after Cheeze Pleeze.

KONA Radio poster 6