If you think your connection is bad imagine if your country/ISP implements overly broad measures to discourage pirating digital content. The below email is from a KONA Radio fan who can no longer listen because a constant 64Kbps stream is detected as a peer to peer bit torrent stream and throttled down to zero.

Also important is that Thai gamers are affected and you can imagine that video content and possibly VOIP is getting killed too.

Are any Thai Second Lifers feeling this pinch too?


KONA is throttled to a STOP, and its not your fault!

The ISPs in Thailand are throttling torrent bit streams and KONA comes on-and-off every minute or so.  Man, it is so irritating.    Here’s an answer I got on a forum:
What throttling does is constantly drop peer to seed or seed to peer connections. It can also disrupt any longer term outside connection originating outside Thailand that it suspects is engaging in file transferring.

This is why even online gaming is being effected.

I am forced to listen to my own music.   Argggh!    Just wanted to let you know why you’re not seeing me signed on lately.   Not sure what the policy is going to be moving forward, but right now I am throttled to a stop on listening to KONA, and I don’t do any torrents at all……

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