Sweet Smell of Success

Yesterday (Apr 14 2010) marked the best day ever for KONA Radio. When Midnight UTC ticked over on the clock we had these stats:

Average number of listeners at any one time :  34

Peak listener count: 67

Total number of listener hours in the last 24 hours: 844

Total number of listener hours between 14 March & 14 April: 19,180

After reviewing the shoutcast server blogs for the past few months I am gratified to see so many listeners tuning in via their SL clients. For a while I saw a preponderance of listeners tune in via iTunes but now my fan base in SL has caught up to near parity with my non SL audience.

So to all you people who criticized me or thought they knew better than I did (funny how they never ran a station themselves before), Get Lost. (Hear that Barb?) A person can only succeed when they take control and do what they feel is right. If I want to play a Johnathan Coulton song and keep stuff like Mariah Carey off my station, that’s MY call.  Not yours.

Now I’ll just sit back, relax and tune in to some awesome tunes from the 60s,70s,80s and some other stuff I like. Care to join me?