April 2007

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Kicking ass and taking names! Ever since KONA came into being in February our listener numbers have been pretty good. East End Radio was number 3 of all SL stations behind T1 Radio and Phreak Radio. We had that while being restricted to the SLNE estate. With our being heard in the high traffic sim of Fusion Bay we bolted to number one with a bullet! Typically we have 2 to 2.5 times the number of listeners that T-1 Radio has. So far we are heard in about 7 sims, various clubs and private estates, and now our station is being added ot various tuners put out by AJ Trumbo and Raster Teazle. It’s not so much that my station is aggressively marketed, but people actually enjoy the music. Yeah, I had my share of doubters and detractors, but eff them. I’m doing pretty well and it’s only going to get better!

Ravishal Bentham


GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07 So here I was at Galaxy, a big ole luxury ship 3 sims long. I couldn’t get into Paisley’s show, but did make it in later to hear DJ Skua spin some classic tunes. It is such a lovely place! But that’s not what this entry is about, oh no no no! When I arrived the diamond sploder had $10K Linden in it. Soon it reached over $20K! Well here is where things went wrong. There were up to 100 people in the sim, 78 people paid into the sploder. an 180 second countdown took, oh, abou 70 minutes. Then it “exploded”. Nope, no money was dispensed. Floating text above it indicated it was trying to divvy up the money. Well I waited and waited. 30 minutes went buy and I just gave up. turns out another 30 minutes went buy before it doled out the money.

Ok, so I only put in $20L, but’s the principle. Other folks put in a LOT of money. The management chose to not say a thing. Obviously the high number of prims, scripts and avatar attachemnts bogged the server down terribly. I think a sploder in that environment just will not work. Anyways, was only 20L. If it had been more, well, look out folks!


UPDATE:  Basically the owner of the sploder says tough cookies. Well, McPhenius Swain, I’ll be sure to let my friends know they should not participate in your contest when the sim is packed. Gee whiz, Who can you trust in that sim if anything goes wrong? Yeah, right, blame it all on the Lindens, easy cop out.

Hi! This is GoSpeed Racer!

I’d like to thank Ravishal for giving me space in his Blog. We seem to travel in the same circle of friends so it only seems right we share a blog. So where did I get the name? Well when I signed up I saw the name Racer and Speed imeediately came to mind, but darned if it was already taken. GoSpeed Racer was the next best thing. Didn’t do too much with my account until right before Christmas. At that time I looked like this:

GoSpeed and Diana

That’s me on the right, Diana Allandale is on the left.

As nice as the free “caramel” skin was I wanted something better. So I went to Bare Rose and got this one:
GoSpeed in January 2007

Not too bad, slightly asian I suppose. But I still wanted something different and I began to look around SL. I noticed that avatar’s of “color” were pretty rare. One day I found myself in the Mischief sim and found this nice gem:

GoSpeed Racer

WOW! It sure did make an impact with all my friends, and yes it was pretty unique. Still it’s a bit lacking, the make up is not quite right, I got overly light areas under my eyes and the skin takes a greyish tone at times. Sort of like I had talcum powder sprinkled on me. I just saw a nice skin by Nora Skins on Sonata that I will be checking out real soon.

Well, when I’m not trying new skins I love live music events, especially Bill and Pam Havercamp. I also sail sometimes, but mostly I hang out with my friends. I’d also love to recognize Heath Elvehjem, Kori Travanti, Louis Volare, and Kirsten Corleon. They are truly great and wonderful artist I have had the pleasure to meet in SL.

I’ll have more later… byeeee!!!!!!

As I promised, here is the latest skin for me: Noraskin Espresso!

GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07

So I wonder, what ethnicity does this most look like? African? South Asian, Pacific Islander? North American mix??? LOL

Ravishal Portrait

As many of you know I own and operate KONA Radio which streams 24/7 into SL. Server uptime has been pretty good for me so far but you know when they advertise 99.5% uptime then sooner or later you’ll experience that 0.5% downtime at some point. The stream went down for a couple of hours Saturday night. Here is an excerpt from Janie Otis’s status site :


The electricians are now onsite replacing one of the main power breakers, which blew when the center switched back from generator power to mains utility power. The center was running on generator power due to the recent storm weather in Texas.


Jamie has been pretty good about responding to any problems or queries I’ve had in the past. I’d highy recommend him to anyone who shoutcasts in SL.

KONA Radio sailboats

Artwork courtesy Abella Beck

Ravishal Portrait

April 13th, a Friday no less, was Sailors Cove’s first concert and coincidently Gideon Kappler’s first SL performance. Gideon is a 22 year old mathematics student from Germany who has been playing piano since the age of 8. Damn, 1993 was like yesterday. He plays the classics, Bethoven, Chopin, etc… . The show went off really well. Gideon was a real pro who brought his own stream and he had no problems what so ever. Perhaps when he gets more comfortable heGideon Kappler‘ll interact with the audience like many artist in SL does. His manager is Kalliope Thetan if you’d like to book him.

My duty at the show was to ensure the stream URL was set and to provide security at the event. Good to report we had no problems whatsoever. There was one noobie who wandered onto the stage and didn’t respond to IMs. Foolish ole me was going to push her off the stage but the lag only put me into the channel. she was finally ejected (not banned). The sim filled up pretty good. At one point we hit 50 avatars.(Even Louis Volare showed up and gave his encouragement to Gideon). All in all it was a success.

Gideon Kappler

Ravishal Portrait
Time to jump on the bandwagon I guess. I signed up for a free web host and I see that it also provided a place for a blog. I’ve been in SL since 27 February 2006 and have seen a lot come and go in my time. Some of it good and some of it bad. The good is enough to keep me around so far 🙂 .

So what am I doing in SL right now? Well I’ve got a few things going on I’m working on. My first project is KONA Radio. It’s a stream I run that is pretty popular right now. I play tunes from the 60s,70s, and 80s plus other “interesting” stuff like parodies, covers and mashups. I’ve also started to carry the GBAffair podcast on a one day delay. It’s currently heard in about 8 sims and numerous clubs and shops in SL. The past 2 weeks has seen an enormous jump in listener levels and I am currently the most listened to Shoutcast stream in SL ( that is, among SL resident run stations).

I am also involved with Sailors Cove, a new set of sims dedicated to sailing, live music events, and residential living. If you’re looking to live on the water and enjoy sailing please come by and take a look. Contact Izabella Bentham and Tasha Kostolany fi you’re interested in living there or renting a shop space.

Later on you’ll be hearing from a few others on my blog like GoSpeed )

GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07