September 2007

Abella Beck sweeps the Summer Big Cat Cup tournament. More information can be found at the Sailors Cove Blog.



Finally after months of searching and asking I’ve got my Speed Racer uniform. I searched high and low via SL search, exploring Japanese themed sims, and I even asked a few designers if they could make one for me. The breakthrough came when Surfwidow Beaumont set up shop on Fishers Island. She makes a wide range of neat nautical gadgets and clothing accessories. I asked her if she could make a costume and she said no problem. Here’s the results:
Speed Racer Uniform 1
Me with my Speed Racer branded Tako sailboat
Speed Racer Uniform 3
Even came with a helmet!
Speed Racer Uniform 5
Just love it!

Surfwidow is selling the outfit inworld. Check her profile for the store locations. Now, you car designers out there? How about a Mach 5 racing car?

GoSpeed Racer

My DSL line went down for 38 hours starting Wednesday night. God what a pain. Now I can get over not accessing SL, but I run a shoutcast station and it just killed me that my listeners and clients were without my services for so long. It also bugged me that so many would switch their media settings to a different station. Contacting everyone involved was a chore, but not insurmountable. I think the next time this happens (knock on wood) I’ll drag the broadcast computer over to a friends house so I can keep the station running.

I did at least have a bit of fun before my connection failed. See this link for more pics.


After a long week in RL I was ready for a break. Sunday evening was a breath of fresh air for me in that I attended two fun events. My friend Diana Allandale was interviewed by Paisley Beebe on her Tonight Live show along with well known musician Slim Warrior and the famous Torley Linden.



L-R : Yxes Delacroix, Paisley Beebe, Torley Linden (in his male AV), Diana Allandale, and Slim Warrior.


After the show I went back to my stomping grounds in Mowry bay to see my old friend Saxxon Domela. This time last year the Mowry Bay Yacht club was a happening place. Every night there was a group of friendly people ready to sail, dance or shoot the breeze. Sadly a bad element with its fetid pink linden hair poisoned the waters and caused many people to leave. Mowry began a very long slump until this June when Saxx gave the place a jump start by opening a sky box club and renovating the clubhouse. Suddenly last night things clicked and the spirit of Mowry came alive again. Saxx tuned in my station KONA Radio and summoned everyone he could to come and join us. It was a hell of a crowd with as many as 16 oldtimers showing up for the festivities.


A big thanks to everyone who showed up last night. I hope we can do it some more!

Oh, and GoSpeed was experimenting with her appearance this weekend. How odd is that, from Afro Caribbean to blonde hair, blue eyed, caucasian:
GoSpeed Blonde and blue


GoSpeed 2

WOW! did that get your attention? If you recall back in May I entered the competition for the Simone Supermodel group and dropped it in disgust. Seems my senses are correct and Simone showed herself to be the cruel, heartless person she is. Mairead Fitzgerald made a couple of post about the crap she endured and ultimate demise of the group.

Her posts:


By the way, the poor gal ejected due to an ilness of a friend was my good friend Bronia Vanalten. She wanted it to be known it was her who was victimized. For someone supposedly dedicated to a charity helping the less fortunate SimoneĀ  seems to lack any empathy towards others and their suffering.

GoSpeed 2

Recently Vint Falken visited the OpenSim of Zion and gave her impressions about it. I logged in today and gave it a quick test run. It appears to be off to a good start so far. Some of the things it lacks is the ability to connect to the main grid, so say goodbye to your prim attachments and nice clothes. Also scripting and physics are lacking. But, given that it still feels like SL, albeit kinda primitive. Hopefully there will be more additions to project such as physics, scripting and donated clothing. Daliens’s blog can be found here.

Here’s me leaving my mark šŸ™‚

Zion - OpenSim


GoSpeedĀ 2

While Perusing World of SL I saw Ana Lutetia showing off some DEKA Fashions clothes. I go over to the creator’s site and I was pleasantly shocked to see she posted a few Flickr pics of me šŸ™‚ . Muah! Thanks! I feel like a model now!

SLURL for her store:Ā 

The blog entry: