July 2007

Β Last night’s appearance went fairly well on Paisley’s show, The experience was pretty fascinating to say the least. I TPed in to the studios arriving in the green room, but found myself alone. Hearing voices I went to the hall and took an elevator to the main floor to find Paisley, Yxes, Jaycatt, Frogg and Rena in the studio. We fired up Skype and turned off our SL voice capabilities. We did a quick walkthru and got into position for the show. As I was the first guest I got to sit on the couch first πŸ™‚ .

The interview went pretty well except for the question about my radio experience. If she had asked about broadcasting instead I would have not mentioned Ham Radio and instead mentioned my broadcasting with my low power AM/FM hobby kits. Luckily I didn’t get tounge tied and frustrated like I usually would get in such situations. Only low point was not being able to hear Jaycatt and Frogg. Someone in Skype had their mic open playing the music and it sounded horrible. Had Skype been quiet I could have tuned into the stream directly. Oh well, that’s what the movie is for I guess tonight-live-paisley-beebe-29jul07

KONA Radio

Just a heads up to my listeners out there that I will be on Paisely Beebe’s talk show this Sunday night at 6pm SLT. Come see me live at the Northpoint studios or watch the show later on this website http://slcn.tv/tonight-live-paisley-beebe.

Sunday night was KONA Radio’s weekly get together in the Sailors Cove sim. As a twist I decided that we would incorporate voice chat into the event. Overall it went “OK” at first, but problems crept up the further we progressed into the evening. At first everyone on voice was rock solid, but as newcomers arrived, they could not log into chat. No matter what they did; re-logging, TP-ing in and out, and crossing the sim boundary back and forth; they simply could not get voice to work for them. If someone crashed out of SL and came back they could not log into voice either. So what gives? Were the voice servers maxed out last night?

Apart from the problems it was a blast hearing people I had only communicated with by text for the last year. It’s true you will say stuff in text you wouldn’t say in voice and vice-versa. A piece of advice for the shy. If you don’t want to speak you don’t have to, but you should use the First Look viewer so you can at least listen in. That way you don’t get left out.



The following is a eulogy to a lost friend. A friend who was very dear to me, but along the way became lost to me. I wish she could summon the words to talk to me, but she has cast herself off from my shores and has drifted into the sunset. Names have been altered to protect their identities.

It was a peaceful, warm day in Sailors Cove as I sat on a wooden chair on the deck of the clubhouse. The parrot
mascot squawked loudly as it circled overhead in large, lazy circles. I glanced at my watch and looked over at
GoSpeed. My eyes locked on her deep brown eyes and she nodded briefly, acknowledging what would happen next.

We got up and headed down the hill, stopping first to hit the clubhouse bell to signal our departure. We strolled side by side without a word past the stores and turned right at the last building, a yellow building housing an art gallery.
On the north side of the building was a freshly dug grave. Mind you avatars have no bodies, but the grave is
symbolic of the death of a friendship that I treasured. We sat on either side of the headstone and studied the name, contemplating our feelings, remembering good times and the bad times.

GoSpeed: “When did you meet her?”

Ravishal: “Back when I was active in the Mowry Bay Yacht club. August I beleive. Funny, I remember what her first
words to me were ‘Dance with me Rav'”.


GoSpeed: “So what was she like?”

Ravishal: “Smart, intelligent, caring, creative, a bit naughty at times, but in a playful way, and sensitive. I
remember going to her first art store and seeing all those iradescent pictures. Sort of like the old heirlooms your
grandmother would own.” We hit it off pretty well. Lots in common, plus she had a pretty high IQ like me, so my 50 cent words didn’t faze her πŸ™‚ ”

GoSpeed: “Yeah, you got a pocket full of them at your disposal πŸ˜› ”

Ravishal: “Indeed! Anyways as things progressed we both got into bigger things. I went over to Nantucket and helped Izabella and Tasha work on SLNE. By mid October I was running East End Radio, SLNE’s very own radio station. Gwendy had bought into 1/4 of a sim with a partner and had set up her house, garden and shop. The sweet gal even played my station on her parcel! Things went downhill for her. Her partner started screwing her over by messing with her parcel and returning her stuff. She eventually at my bidding moved to SLNE and made a home there. She also set up a couple of shops their too.”

GoSpeed: “Nice! Sounds like she trusted your opinion about it and moved based on your word.”

Ravishal: ” Pretty much I guess. Oh, she was also a BIG help with me radio station. She provided voice talent by
doing my station IDs and providing me constructive criticism about my station operations and practices. She knew
eaxctly how to say it in a way that didn’t offend me and in fact offered encouragement.”

GoSpeed: “So right after this the troubles began?”

Ravishal: “Yeah. That was when I had my break from Mowry Bay. She was there to offer me moral support like I was for her when she left her island. No one else really did offer much that much to me. She was patient and understanding throughout the whole ordeal. Then we had the other thing happen that I won’t go into that really tested us. It kept us apart for a long time, but I fought to get back to her and be her friend again. In the end it all worked out.”

We stood up and brushed the dirt off our knees and gazed out out at the waters. The sun made the water sparkle
brilliantly like hundreds of little mirrors. We stood behind the gravestone quietly for a few minutes as I collected my thoghts once again.


GoSpeed: “I can’t say she was too crazy about me though. Don’t know what her hangup was with me.”

Ravishal: “Hard to say Go. Everyone’s got their quirks.”

GoSpeed: “Still….”

Ravishal: “In any event their was more turmoil and I did what I could to spare her the drama. I could have easily
given here every little detail and I am sure she would have seen it as an attempt to make her choose sides. I respect her too much to every make her choose. Shit, there was a lot of drama. I restricted what I said to her and
perhaps that was a bad thing. I dunno, I just didn’t want to her to feel like she was in the middle. I’ve been in
the middle and it really sucks.”

GoSpeed: “I know what you mean, late winter in SLNE was sheer hell. The BS Drama was at a fever pitch and a lot of
people got hurt, us included. But we did land on our feet. New location, new radio station, new friends…”

Ravishal: “Yes we did wind up in a pretty good location and did quite well for ourselves. But sadly along the way we lost track of Gwen, she left SL for a while, but did come back. But damn if she was always busy,busy,busy. Or at least it seemed that way.”

GoSpeed: “Did it seem like she was avoiding you?”
Ravishal: “Yes it did. First she didn’t complete any of the voice over requests. Then she dropped out of the KONA Radio group. Then one evening I IM her and ask her what’s up? She’s having fun with some other friends and I just flat out ask her if she was through with me. She replies”I don’t know”. I ask her what the matter is and she has no real answer, she just sort of hints that it is my fault.”

GoSpeed: “That sucks, she’s upset, yet she won’t tell you what is bothering her. How are you supposed to do anything about it?”

Ravishal: “You tell me Go. You know what? The silent treatment is so much bullshit. If you can’t tell me what you are mad about, then it’s your problem. Figure out what the hell is eating you and then tell me.”

(EDIT: Gwendy dropped me as a friend last week)

Me and GoSpeed face each other, a common thought forming between us. We are both wearing our sad faces, resigned to the fact that Gwendy is gone, lost in her own grief. A slight breeze kicks up and a seagull begins to cry overhead. We look up, admiring the bright blue skies, the puffy clouds , noticing how lovely the day was.

“Hugs?” We say simultaneously.

Ravishal: “Awww, sure..”


We embrace each other and give a long tight hug. Then we turn to the sea again, pondering the future.

GoSpeed: “I hope we see her again.”

Ravishal: “Me too. I’m going to miss her. She was an awesome friend and fun to be with. This is SL, a week is like a month here. We’ll just have to see.”

GoSpeed: “Indeed.”

Ravishal: “Indeed!”


UPDATE NOVEMBER 2007:A little looking around and asking questions and it seems her fate has been sealed. She’s hooked up with an evil person who is exploiting her every weakness. Yes I said evil, it does exist. As far as “Gwendy” is concerned she is an adult who is fully aware of her faults and limitations. She knows she’s sleeping with the devil and she can help her own sorry ass from now on. She’s turned her back on everyone who truly gave a rats ass about her.

GoSpeed's new skin for 17 April 07Ravishal Portrait

We had the opportunity to attend the wedding of some good friends; Max Pitre and Evolving Yin today. Here are some pics that GoSpeed took at the event we attended.

Of course GoSpeed didn’t shoot a pic of me πŸ˜› … More pics can be found here : Wedding set


Evolving Yin

….well not quite there yet, but getting close. Not the Goodness Guiness, but some strawberry champagne!

My friend Sweet Soderstrom is feeling no pain as you can see in the pic. Hey folks, all kidding aside, don’t be “stoopid” and drive while drunk. Boating while drunk is a no-no too!


And while you’re chilling out this holiday tune into the cool sounds of KONA Radio! (There you go Rav, a shamless plug!)

P.S. We’ll have a cool July 4th party at Sailors Cove clubhouse at 9AM SLT.

Fun for everyone at Sailor’s Cove on July 4th!! Tako Races, Fireworks, Dancing, and our very special guest DJ Jester Demina will be spinning some great tunes for us at Beejee Bouchers brand new Port – a – Club. All residents, merchants and friends of Sailors Cove are invited to participate in the planning of this fun event. Donations are welcome if you would like to contribute to this wonderful event. Contact Abella Beck or Beejee Boucher for more information.