July 2008

KONA Radio Sunday Dinner, you are invited!

Every Sunday at 430PM SLT KONA Radio has a weekly get together where the fans and friends of KONA Radio get together share their past week’s good news and stories. Programmed on the stream is Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Stories of the past week, Lyrics Undercover by Brian Ibbot and new music added to the KONA play list. This week I have added songs from Rod Stewart, The Knickerbockers, Arthur Conley, and Tony Carey.

If you have the time then please come on by!


GoSpeed, ABBA, and me.

More pics below the fold



Eshi’s pain, originally uploaded by GoSpeed_Racer.

Eshi’s latest build is so painful to see. It boggles the mind how a parent can be so cruel. The damage stays with the children all their lives, haunting them. 😦

Ride my Blimp!

I admit it, I was bored. Whilst cleaning up some old bookmarks I saw the link to Cubey Terra and clicked it. The first image to greet me was a white and blue blimp that reminded me of Goodyear. http://www.cubeyterra.com/2008/06/aerius-launches-at-noon-saturday.php

I TPed over and went to the aerial pad where the airships was docked. I looked inside and saw seats for 5 people, nice. Hopping in I used the amgic word “blimp” and a drop down menu came down for me. Clicking TOUR begin a long trip from the Aerodrome, north and west towards Bay City. The whole trip went pretty well with minimal hiccups at sim crossings. Part of the way thru ABBA joied me and I began to snap a few pics:
Flying with ABBA
Past the Asylum:
Flying past the Asylum in Bay City
Flying past the Asylum in Bay City -2


When I first moved to this current house 2 years ago I settled on an upstairs bedroom for my computer activities. Well the times are a changing and I have to move to the basement. My little corner isn’t a room per se, just a semi enclosed area. It is fairly cool down there and I have a window with a northern exposure so I’ll have light, but not direct sunlight onto my screens. That’ll be pretty good for my webcam too.

I anticipate moving the DSL router and my computers down stairs this evening so KONA Radio will be offline for up to 20-30 minutes as I hook things up and re-route cables.

Crossing my fingers hoping it all moves well.


Join me tonight as I substitute DJ at Fibber Magee’s in the Dublin 3 sim from 7-9pm SLT. I’ll be playig some good ole Rock’n’Roll!

DJ GoSpeed reporting for duty

Rouge sim grand opening!

See my blog about Codie’s sim opening party for her new sim!


You know you want to see it, here, have a look at Zoe’s bum before you click the link. <wink>
More Zoe on the pole