Just a programming note for all the listeners to “KONA Stream”. As mentioned in previous posts I had switched to an Icecast stream to replace the old Shoutcast stream. Sadly the performance of the Icecast server has been pretty bad. I had requested simple edits to the Icecast configuration file to alleviate the problems but the host provider refused to do it. So I am coming back to the old shoutcast stream courtesy of Jamie Otis, the same one I started with back in 2007.  That URL is:


the secondary stream is : :8321/live.ogg


Just a note about the streams. The shoutcast has only 50 slots so if you are running a venue with huge crowds I may run out of capacity real quick. The Icecast stream has 25 slots and functions as a backup or secondary. It’s using the OGG format and has a higher degree of fidelity. It is prone to more dropouts but if you make the right tweaks to your  listening client it should work fine. I personally listen to the Icecast stream on my iPhone and it hardly ever drops on me. I have available a tuner at my studio that features these two streams. Look up  KONA Stream in Aracar. The tuner is on the desk, just take a copy.