November 2007

Two notable events in Sailors Cove today

The Flying Fizz sailboat is debuted at Sailors Cove

Flying Fizz presentation - 5

Diana Allandale gives a reading at the Theater



GoSpeed 2

The other day I had the pleasure to drop in on Saxxon Domela at his new SL venture, Domela Designs in Mowry Bay. Saxx was meeting with Izabella Bentham and setting her up with a Tako “makeover”.


Saxx has been creating custom hulls and interiors for Takos for well over a year and just recently he has opened a new store above his Yacht Club in the Mowry* sim.

Click thumbnails for larger pics


A custom hull set of textures is available for $375L

Custom seats for $75Ldd-5.jpg

Custom cockpit textures for $150L dd-4.jpg

Display trailers for Tako and Trudeau Beach Cats can be had for $100-125L

Saxxon will also accept custom orders and very patient and helpful with customers (especially if you’re a cute female <wink> ) . His store can be found at the SLURL below:



Here’s Izabella and her finished product:


Wow! It has been an eventful week in SL. First of all … Windlight!!!!…. WOWsers! It’s a bit more refined from when we saw it last in June. Sadly there are still issues with it washing out bright colors and details (like avatar skins) and the eyes still light up like the Goa’uld from Stargate SG-1. Eeeekk!!!


Landscapes are just awesome though:
Sailors Cove in Windlight

Some avatars do hold up well in the light like Diana Allandale:
Diana in WIndlight

When Secondlife was behaving it was fun:
Grizzy's period costume party

Now that we have a radio studio, the next logical step for KONA Radio was to get it’s own van for doing remotes. Now this is Rav’s van, the permissions will not let me drive it 😦 . I may have to get my own.
KONA Radio Van portrait 3

(GoSpeed) Can I borrow the van Rav???? Puh-lease!!!

(Ravishal) Hmmm, well the dish makes it 34 prims, so it won’t go even if the script allowed a non-owner to operate it.

(GoSpeed) Rats!!!!

All I know is he better have it insured, Last vehicle he did own crashed onto Paisley’s stage and ran poor Freddie into the water.


In a rare move I finally got out and about to do some exploring in SL. Being a member of the sailing community I am of course drawn to sims with plenty of water. I spied a 3 sim estate modelled after a resort in Japan and checked out the docks. In the distance I spotted something very familar:


LOL, it was an exact copy of my “Isolated” danger beacon, loosely based on IALA cardinal markers. Here the owners used them to delineate the edge of the sim so sailors won’t go bumping off the ends of the world. I created a full set of those for the Sailors Cove sims and left them as full perm objects that were copyable. Somehow this object had a new creator name, hmm did he copy it exactly? Anyways, I am flattered to see my object being used elsewhere in SL.


SL locked up on me big time and I had to CTRL ALT DEL to get out of the program. Tried logging back in and got the “Something unexpected has gone wrong” popup. Tried the status page and it the SL website will not come up either. If you’re logged in, don’t log out!


I had intended to post a reply at the Mean Girls Guide to SL blog, but I do not have a Blogger account, so I’ll post it here. I started SL with a white skin nearly a year ago, switching to a dark or “black” skin in March. Even with a freebie Caramel skin and somewhat awkward proportions I was hit upon and approached on a regular basis, especially while shopping. This is how I looked in December 2006:

A cheap skin from Bare Rose gave me this look:


A new sim slated for residential use was delivered today to the Sailors Cove estate today. Not a big deal, but the name of it was so deliciously ironic I got a big kick out of it. Bar Harbor is the name of the new sim and it was also the name of a sim that was parked next to the SLNE estate this past spring. After the previous owner of SLNE finally sold out she purchased a sim and parked next to the crossover between SLNE and the Hollywood complex. She put a big fat ugly, laggy casino on it. Of course this made sailing through it painful, but then again she was never a friend to the sailor. Predictably the casino was a spectacular failure and the sim was gone and the name abandoned in a about 2 months. This version of Bar Harbor will be a success I think 😉 .