Below is a press release from a long time friend, talented musician and all around nice guy, Heath Vercher (known in SL as Heath Elvehjem):


September 2, 2010

Just for clarity, this is for immediate release. I guess.

It’s another afternoon spent writing e-mails, posting videos, and eating Lucky Charms. And somewhere in all this, dear reader, I realize the need to write a press release or some sort of official document chronicling the impending release of a brand new recording project.

I could write that in the third person and tell you that “Heath’s latest release is sure to be a winner, complete with happy-go-lucky piano tunes that will melt your heart” or that “this upcoming solo piano album will be more fun than a day at the beach.” But you don’t really want to hear that, do you? I thought not.

And you know what, you’re exactly right. How do I make ‘solo piano’ fun? That’s a tough call.

Well, how about I start by telling you the release date? OK, here goes. It’s October 5, 2010. See, that wasn’t so bad. “Well, Heath, what sort of songs are going to be on the album?”

A very valid question! And in case didn’t figure it out, this album is solo piano. Mostly.

Let me start with the title piece, “Whimsy.” One day, while I was driving to work, I got this picture in my head of an album cover. And on the album cover, you see a pianist, or rather, the pianist’s feet, while he or she is sitting at the piano. From the attire of the individual, you would think they are playing a formal event, and the tone of the evening would be one of hushed silence and little talking. From the vantage point of the photograph, one can make out both feet of the performer, and on one foot, a shiny black formal dress shoe, but on the other, a fuzzy rainbow-colored sock like the stockings you might find on a birthday clown. And that’s it. Amusing. Funny. Quirky. And reflective. For the kiddos, there is “The Dreamers,” a solo piano piece with some added cello. There’s always room for cello, right? Children are a very big part of my life. From teaching piano to children, to spending time with my nieces, nephews and the children of my friends, there is something innocent, pure and magical about childhood. And for some reason, waltzes always remind me of lazy days as a kid, letting my imagination run wild and seeing what new adventure waited over the horizon. This song is for children everywhere, and for the child within each one of us.

“Edgewater” is another piece from “Whimsy,” highlighting recent and not-so-recent travels along the Gulf Coast. I have always loved the water. And I have always loved the South. It’s something in the air, and something about the way of life down here that is inescapable. And so that is where “Edgewater” tells its story, in drives up and down the coast, in sunsets watching the waves crash along the shore, and in adventures to have every single day.

“Te Deseo,” also Spanish for ‘I desire you’ is a piece written for my wonderful wife. I wanted to capture the sound of what it feels like every time I look in her eyes, run my hands through her hair, or hold her in my arms. I wanted to capture in this piece all the sensuality that is loving a woman in the most romantic way possible. This song is written for kisses in the rain, candlelight, whispers, and dreams on the lips of two people who are deeply in love. And it is for something much deeper. This piece is written for a woman whose beauty goes so deep that mere words can fail to describe it.

And that’s just a small sampling of the 11 pieces that appear on the release. So come on in, rest your weary head, and laugh a little. Love life. That’s what this album is all about.


There is more to come. More music videos. Performances. But it all begins with you.


I have all 11 tracks now in rotation on the stream. You can also sample  some of his music here:

Heath’s indicated to me there will be some giveaways to KONA Radio listeners so be sure to listen and visit the KONA Radio website in the upcoming weeks!

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