May 2008

I didn’t join SL to be a part of the mainstream

Sadly it seems Linden Labs is well on its way to bleaching out unique elements of SL in a capricious and callous manner. Hey, I’m not a big fan of child avatars, Gor or BDSM but you know what? They don’t go out of their way to mess with me. All 3 of the above mentioned pretty much restrict their activities within their own communities. If I see a Gor, a child or someone decked in BDSM fetish clothing I am not threatened. SL, like RL is full of things that we may not personally agree with. How we choose to deal with it reflects our sensibilities and our tolerance. I think the residents of SL are pretty even keel and Libertarian in how they deal with their fellow residents and do not feel the need to ban or exclude segments of the population they find distasteful. Not so it seems LL. They now seem to fear public reaction when not too long ago they craved attention. Tsk tsk, they are acting like politicians now in that appearance is more important then standing for ideals.

Happy Rez day Stuart

Next, no Martian Llamas allowed!



I find this story non surprising in the least. Some tigers never lose their stripes.

The weekend is upon us and if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA it is forecasted that the weather will be perfect :). Why go to the beach or the chilly mountains? Stay home and cuddle your spouse or significant other. GoSpeed got off to a good start when she TPed me over to sim dedicated to aircraft. By the airfield was a park dedicated to the late Mannie Madonna who was famous for his motor yachts. Being supportive of her photographic hobby I agreed to pose with her.
Pose with Rav 3

You can see more on her blog :

While you are at home tune into KONA Radio for some good tunes. Playing quality music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Click the graphic to go to the homepage. ……….. Ravishal

DJ GoSpeed @ Clockwork 6-7pm SLT

After a prolonged absence I will be back at Clockwork tonight from 6-7pm SL.

The Theme? A bit of light and dark to fit my mood.

Hope you can make it! Meet me in world at

or tune in via KONA Radio at



I am at a party that is overflowing with god-awful sound gestures. Now don’t  get me wrong, I like funny gestures used sparingly, but at parties my god it gets frakkin tedious! A new word popped in my head and I immedieately Twittered it where it got a favorable response. The Word : Soundtard . A Soundtard is anyone who excessively uses loud obnoxious sounds and gestures. Use the word, spread it around, put a name to that boorish behaviour.

For those of you who visit my blog you’ll see I have a Meebo chat gadget on the upper right hand side. When I have my Meebo client fired up I can chat with visitors on my blog. Those few conversations I have were mostly with people I already know and they passed along well wishes. However I seem to have a lurker / stalker on my blog. As you may have noticed I am not an overly prolific poster. I have dry spells sometimes where I don’t have much to talk about. The past few months I have noticed via Meebo that I have people who have camped out on my blog for 20-32 hours at a time. How do I know that? My meebo gadget keeps track of how long some one is on the page. So I got to wonder, who the hell is sitting on my blog, basically stalking me. Should I worry? So far they have not sent me threatening messages and they never respond to my IMs. Maybe they are clueless about the gadget? I wonder if I can get an IP address from them? I wonder… hmmmm.

Heath Vercher songs premiere on KONA Radio

Tonight will be a feature filled night for KONA Radio! On tap are Five, 100 Word Stories from Crap Mariner. Three, Today in Music History podcasts by Brian Ibbot. Finally we have the premier of 3 new Heath Vercher (Elvehjem) songs from his latest CD, Soulfire. This broadcast marks the first time these have been broadcast in world. Follow the SLURL below and get here by 4:30PM SLT at Lumierre’s restaurant on Hukilau island.