August 2007



So you say you are unhappy about where you are. You live on a multiple sim estate and you have a disagreement with the owners. They are enforcing the covenant and you don’t like it. Fine, you sell and move on. Unless of course you are immature and prone to wrecking things you did not build in the first place. What do you do instead? You pout, you bitch and whine. Then you begin a campaign to discredit the owners and/or estate managers. Way to go shithead. All you did was buy some land. Maybe you helped organize events. But somewhere you forgot your place. You did not spend big money to purchase the sims. Nor did you spend hundreds (thousands actually) of hours developing it, marketing it, and running it on a daily basis. You did not abide by the covenant and your actions spoiled everyone else’s enjoyment of the sims. Or maybe you wanted more power to run things, but then demonstrated your incompetence and lack of leadership skills. If you are unahppy, move. STFU and take your 6th grade politics elsewhere. 8,000 plus sims out there for you to play in. Hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on your collective fat asses on the way out.




Sometimes you hear a new song (or an old one) and it will not leave your brain. My latest affliction is a mashup from DJ Earworm that combines Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music & Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax. It’s in KONA’s rotation now and has gotten some rave reviews from the fans. You can download it at :

Sooner or later you just do something stupid. I mean noobie stupid. Paisley Beebe held her weekly show at Sailors Cove with her sidekick Freddie on guitar. Halfway through the show they have a music trivia question (the answer was “Apache by the Shadows). I got it right and Paisley gives me a free gift, a BMW motorcycle. Stupid me rezzes it and sits on it. Next thing I know I am on stage and Freddie goes flying out into the water. Paisley pummels me with a pillow and I make a hasty retreat into the water. Using the Mystitool I rezz a following chair and get Freddie to sit on it. I then bring him back to the stage and set him down. Am I let off the hook? No-o-o-o. Her fans pummel me with pillows, bam clubs and the like. I pull out my trusty SM Skillet and have at it :P. Somehow I survive and live to see another day in SL . YAY!(yay!).


p.s. I was too embarrassed to take a pic. If you where there and took one, send it to me.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Open Mic Night at Los Arboles. Dakota7z7 Pluto and Rich Desoto put on some really good sets. Had to bail at 7pm SLT though 😦 . I did have the distinct honor of sitting on Crap Mariner’s upside down couch. It’s kind of funny, viewed from the rear it reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I guess Crap would be Tom Servo?

Who are you?


Last month I saw where Jellybean Madison wrote about the new Bits and Bobs dance balls. I finally got to try them out at the blogger party with Rosie Barthelmess. I must say they are a delightful item to use. The Tango has been pretty popular, but I am sure this will surpass it. Here’s some pics of me and Izabella using it:




At only 300L it’s a steal!!!!


Showed up at the SL Blogger party this evening and it was so cool to meet many of my fellow Bloggers. Most of these people I only know via their blogs and meeting them “in the Pixel” was neat. I certainly hope Tao can fix my link so this shows up on WOrld of SL, but according to Jelly it takes him like forever to do that. Sigh. I did snap a few pics to share. Enjoy!

Blogger Party

Crap Mariner

Jelly and Hawks

Top: 1st hour of the party

middle: Crap Mariner as a Cyborg Cop from THX1138

bottom: HawkRawks and JellyBean, our wonderful host

I’d like to give a shout out to Rosie Barthelmess! Way to go girl!!


A video made of the event:

Rosie’s post :

GoSpeed 2

Saw the awesome Paisley Beebe in concert tonight and snapped off a few quick pictures. From these I created a collage from this site:

Paisley Beebe - Australian Jazz artist

She’s already used it for her own blog!


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