Sunday was a rather sad day as the Hukilau / Rosewood community marked the passing of a dear friend and loved person. Lacey Lovell / Lory Paine passed away in RL a few weeks ago and she will sorely be missed. Lacey was a very kind, loveable person who was always there to help. She was always kind to me and you could always count on her to really care about how you felt. Many of you Hukilau alumni knew Lacey pretty well and will never forget her. Lacey took a break from SL for a few reasons and came back as Lory Paine. She was well known to many in the Dublin sims as a fan of music. When GoSpeed would guest DJ there Lory would always come and invite her friends.

Lacey / Lory, you were loved by many here in SL and we will always cherish your memory. God Bless you, I know you are in a better place.

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