Ride my Blimp!

I admit it, I was bored. Whilst cleaning up some old bookmarks I saw the link to Cubey Terra and clicked it. The first image to greet me was a white and blue blimp that reminded me of Goodyear. http://www.cubeyterra.com/2008/06/aerius-launches-at-noon-saturday.php

I TPed over and went to the aerial pad where the airships was docked. I looked inside and saw seats for 5 people, nice. Hopping in I used the amgic word “blimp” and a drop down menu came down for me. Clicking TOUR begin a long trip from the Aerodrome, north and west towards Bay City. The whole trip went pretty well with minimal hiccups at sim crossings. Part of the way thru ABBA joied me and I began to snap a few pics:
Flying with ABBA
Past the Asylum:
Flying past the Asylum in Bay City
Flying past the Asylum in Bay City -2