This video pretty much represents what I feel about Facebook. On the SL side it’s pretty useless as I get spammed constantly with invites, games, and whatever. My RL Facebook is a bit better as the friends list is much smaller and the friends I do have are a bit more mature and restrained than my SL brethren.  Can’t say I’ll miss FB very much if the axe on avatar accounts comes to fruition. Oh, I wouldn’t hold your breath to see if I’ll get an account on Avatars United. I’ve heard quite enough to know I don’t want to bother.


Having disappeared mysteriously and then reappearing in strange Youtube vids from Hong Kong it appears Gomem is back in SL. He will of course have more to say on this on the Podmafia podcast . It’s still the same old Gomem as evidenced by these pictures.

Gomem is back and raring to go
No women where you are Gomem?

Gomem is properly welcomed back to SL

Nika missed you something terrible. Even her pet did too!

Welcome back Gomem, we really did miss you. BTW, ever hear of Zindra?

Saturday from Noon til 2pm SLT I’ll be spinning music for the grand opening of LaDonna Upshaw’s grand re-opening of her newer, bigger store on South Sea Isle. LaDonna makes high quality furniture with many poses, colors and forms. I’ll be playing quality rock and pop from the 60s,70s and 80s for your listening / dancing pleasure. See the SLURL below for a landing point.


Music stats for October 2009

October showed a lot of gains for KONA Radio in listenership levels. After a deep drop in August we’ve rebounded from 11,000 to over 15,000 Total Listener Hours. Those late summer doldrums are far behind us now and it looks like the numbers will keep up for the foreseeable future. Below are the latest stats from the stats page. I’ve included other SL stations for comparison. Not all are represented here as they choose not to be listed, use Icecast, or otherwise I’ve never heard about.

Report Date: Sun Nov  1 04:00:01 2009

30 day rolling total, taken from 30 days of data

POS          TTSL                    TUNE-INS          5-MIN-TUNE-INS    STATION
#2514      15,466               30,848            6,798             KONA Radio – Qlty Music 60s 70s & 80s
#3895       8,014.75          24,251            6,469             IndieSpectrum Radio, Indie originals with artists from Second Life
#5007      5,315.25          12,477            4,086             KTOX – Second LIfe
#8901      1,870.5               5,627             2,010             K-TOX Toxian City Radio Second Life – Industrial and More!
#5520      4,505.25          13,736            3,128            WALICED YOUR RADIO IN SECONDLIFE
#9074      1,800                13,165              3,336             SL Live Radio – Live Music Second Life Previews
#10807    1,285.75          18,270            1,145             DBC Radio TV Join us inside Second Life
#12122     1,036.75 8,171             1,425             PUB Radio – your FIRST Choice in SECOND LIFE music

TOTAL      39294.25

I would imagine the stations I could not find would easily total another 10-15,000 hours a month.

Now contrast this to the EVE-ONLINE community which has an active community of 300,000 accounts and a typical concurrency of 40,000 players. EVE-ONLINE is the premiere radio station for the community boasting over 2 dozen DJs and a primary music stream.

EVE-ONLINE community station
#1148      45,763            44,176            14,829   EVE Radio Jukebox
#3643      8,945.5           12,402            5,946    Wiggles on EvE-Radio
#5368      4,722.75          7,222             2,586    Helix
#5381      4,708.5           15,979            5,317    Miss Emopants
#5597      4,400.75          8,742             2,859    DJ Anarkros
#6467      3,455.75          4,425             1,847    Whitey Towers
#6777      3,167.75          6,856             2,382    EVE-Radio: DJ Moz
#6884      3,059.25          5,782             2,121    GRN – Eve-Radio LIVE 2
#6928      3,031             8,713             3,062    WorldEater
#7398      2,681.25          11,237            3,595    DJ Sam
#7782      2,431.75          6,937             2,342    DJ LMP zwntana! (live 1)
#8793      1,914.75          4,010             1,433    eve-radio | Live 2
#8817      1,906.5           3,697             1,318    DJ WarMaster
#9005      1,823.25          3,538             1,200    EVE Radio
#9122      1,784.5           9,208             3,055    DJ Erkenfresh Live on EVE Radio
#9141      1,776.5           3,419             1,216    DJ Dunewolf
#9184      1,762             3,191             1,114    EvE Radio LIVE 1:
#9234      1,745.25          3,844             1,184    The Adragon Technochrist Show
#9599      1,615.25          6,550             1,985   
#10136     1,453.25          3,372             1,118    DJ Kraven’s Uplink
#10324     1,395.75          3,757             1,716    Minerdave-a-saur on Eve-Radio
#10383     1,382             2,626             1,025    EVE-Radio Live 1: DJ Spuffy
#10426     1,374             3,042             1,014    Forty-Two
#10863     1,274             0                 0        DJ MrNix
#10947     1,249.25          0                 0        Eve Radio 2 – DJ Hemlock
#11399     1,155             7,804             2,662    LamsterBunny
#11763     1,092.5 0                 0        JusJ4ck

TOTAL HOURS =   111,071

Perhaps it’s the fact the Eve community is closer knit and pursuing the same goals and interest that allows this one station to do so well in a smaller population than SL? Similar attempts at a Grid wide music service has failed (Phreak, Cyrscomm) as they simply failed to gain traction and could not support themselves. My station gets the majority of it’s listeners from iTunes. While SL’s population is very diverse you’d think the stations here would do much better. I think it’s a matter of exposure or a lack there of. Getting the word out about your station isn’t easy as the media in SL doesn’t reach masses, only select portions of the population. I can’t really complain much as my station does support itself but I’ll take listeners where I can get them 🙂

A whole lotta 5 Islands

DJ Ravishal Bentham at the Nantucket Barn Halloween Party

Join us for two great hours of spooky, scary and fun music as I rock the barn in Nantucket from 6-8pm SLT on 29 October 2009. Wear a costume and please, no scripted weapons or nudity.

Halloween at Nantucket - Rav

For a larger pic:

If you can’t make it in world then please tune us in via the website at or via iTunes in the Retro 70s category in Radio.

I don’t know how this commercial ever slipped passed by me.

It’s so great seeing the most popular, accomplished golfer have a bit of fun with the sport and a classic comedy. Way to go Tiger Woods!

On an unrelated note an FYI for you KONA Radio fans. iTunes has reshuffled its stations listings with the new 9.0 client. In the new client you can find KONA Radio in the Retro 70s section.

In response to The Guild’s avatar video SL’s very own Pooky Amsterdam of The First Question & The Dating Casino has starred in her own video reply. First is the Guild’s video for those who have not seen it:

And this is Pooky’s response. She can sing too!!!!