If you think your connection is bad imagine if your country/ISP implements overly broad measures to discourage pirating digital content. The below email is from a KONA Radio fan who can no longer listen because a constant 64Kbps stream is detected as a peer to peer bit torrent stream and throttled down to zero.

Also important is that Thai gamers are affected and you can imagine that video content and possibly VOIP is getting killed too.

Are any Thai Second Lifers feeling this pinch too?


KONA is throttled to a STOP, and its not your fault!

The ISPs in Thailand are throttling torrent bit streams and KONA comes on-and-off every minute or so.  Man, it is so irritating.    Here’s an answer I got on a forum:
What throttling does is constantly drop peer to seed or seed to peer connections. It can also disrupt any longer term outside connection originating outside Thailand that it suspects is engaging in file transferring.

This is why even online gaming is being effected.

I am forced to listen to my own music.   Argggh!    Just wanted to let you know why you’re not seeing me signed on lately.   Not sure what the policy is going to be moving forward, but right now I am throttled to a stop on listening to KONA, and I don’t do any torrents at all……

Take Care,


Ravishal Bentham at the Studio


KONA Radio is proud to announce that it will be the official radio station for the The All-Stars Relay for Life  Fashion Fest 2010. I will make a few live appearances during the week. I hope to see you there!

*** The All-Stars Relay for Life  Fashion Fest *** opens July 2 at 4pm SLT through July 11 at 10pm SLT!

Mark your calendars for this amazing extravaganza of Top SL Designers and everything you could possibly want or need to make you into the avatar you always wanted to be!! We have 9 sims running 24 hours a day showcasing Clothes, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes, Jewelry, Skins, Shapes, Accessories, you name it – if its for your avatar – it will be there!!

We will also have One of a Kind designs and limited editions by some wonderful SL designers – and we will be showcasing them in 3 fashion shows! And beginning July 5th, there will be Designer’s Choice Showcase Fashion Shows, featuring creations from our fabulous Fashion Fest Exhibitors, one show per sim! You dont want to miss this stunning display of what SL can really offer!!

Plus we have some of SL’s finest Live Music talent playing for you to help make this a festive and enjoyable event, and Live DeeJays cranking out the music and keeping you updated, and some wonderful fireworks to help us celebrate, and we will have auctions, a hunt and raffles.

Let’s help raise some money to Fight for a CURE and have a spectacular time doing it!!

RFL - Space Station #156 - Sponsored by Exodi & WoE

RFL - 44BC Rome - sponsored by Kunglers

KONA Radio will have a place here in the  Press Booth

RFL - 1957 Philadelphia - sponsored by DeLa

RFL - California Gold Rush - sponsored by A Touch of Ireland

RFL - Egypt - sponsored by G Sloane Couture

RFL - Early Paris - sponsored by CALLIE CLINE

RFL - Main Street - sponsored by Rebel Hope & RH Engel

RFL - Prehistoria - sponsored by VoGue Style

RFL - Renaissance - sponsored by Bliss Couture


For the past 3 years KONA Radio has derived it’s operating funds by having sponsors and soliciting donations. This has served pretty well as my income has easily met my expenses. However do to a recent and sustained increase in listenership my cost in royalty fees has jumped dramatically. In this current economy it’s getting more difficult to find people who are willing to sponsor, but there is still interest in advertising. Effective next month I’ll be changing licensing entities and will run advertising spots on air. Unlike terrestrial radio and many of the big web stations The advertising will not be in large blocks and will generally last less then a minute in duration. As a nod to my fans I’ll probably make the music sets longer between commercials.

So, if you’re interested in advertising on the most popular Second Life radio station as well as a popular iTunes radio station please contact me in world or send me an email at Ravishal.Bentham@gmail.com .

KONA Radio will be participating at the Second Life 7th Birthday festivities this summer. The theme this year is “Unexpected Collaborations” and our exhibit will highlight some of the people who we’ve collaborated with the past 3 years. We will have a few live events planned to include a Motown night hosted by GoSpeed Racer and other themes. Real Life will keep us busy for most of the upcoming week but expect us be around early evenings and on the weekends.

Our location at SL7B

The doors open Monday the 21st at 10AM SLT. If you’re exploring on foot just look for a tall radio tower with a flashing red light on top.

Ready or Not

New Programming For KONA Radio

I’ve added more programming to the line up to include an old favorite of mine; Cheeze Pleeze. It’s sort of a Dr Demento show with moose antlers. It airs Sunday nights at 7pm Eastern. I’ve been a bit hesitant to run this as it is pretty out there with it’s music selections. But watching the numbers I see people stick with it and don’t tune off in droves.

Takin’ You Back with Kurt David is a nostalgic look back at the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. TYB is aired Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8AM and 8PM Eastern respectively. And of course our old favorite Saving The 70s with Mike Walker is aired Wednesdays at 8AM and 8PM Eastern. And of course the longest running event is our very own Sunday Listener Party where I hand pick a few tunes and play some music history podcasts at 730pm Eastern right after Cheeze Pleeze.

KONA Radio poster 6

Sweet Smell of Success

Yesterday (Apr 14 2010) marked the best day ever for KONA Radio. When Midnight UTC ticked over on the clock we had these stats:

Average number of listeners at any one time :  34

Peak listener count: 67

Total number of listener hours in the last 24 hours: 844

Total number of listener hours between 14 March & 14 April: 19,180

After reviewing the shoutcast server blogs for the past few months I am gratified to see so many listeners tuning in via their SL clients. For a while I saw a preponderance of listeners tune in via iTunes but now my fan base in SL has caught up to near parity with my non SL audience.

So to all you people who criticized me or thought they knew better than I did (funny how they never ran a station themselves before), Get Lost. (Hear that Barb?) A person can only succeed when they take control and do what they feel is right. If I want to play a Johnathan Coulton song and keep stuff like Mariah Carey off my station, that’s MY call.  Not yours.

Now I’ll just sit back, relax and tune in to some awesome tunes from the 60s,70s,80s and some other stuff I like. Care to join me?


It’s been a while since my last meaningful post and there have been a lot of things I’d like to write about. This post should address some of those things.

There.com . Kinda sad to see it go. I had an account there and visited on occasion but there just wasn’t much to keep me there. The avatars were cartoonish (yet strangely more appealing than the noob avatars for SL) and the choices for clothing and gear was severely limited. It was also a strictly enforced PG zone as children as young as 12 were logged on. And I tell you, nothing feels more creepy than a 12 year old girl asking if you wanted to be her boyfriend. Yikes! Run away! Run Away! But it served the needs of many of its users. It had plenty of games like dune buggy races and hover-boards as many of the fun activities. You could also run There.com on a 56K dial-up connection and on computers with built in graphic chips (like those crummy Intel ones). I suspect most of the users will take a pass on SL or Blue Mars and head for the likes of Free Realms or Toon Town. Both can be played for free, are PG and have many task oriented activities to participate in.

Kissy faced in Coke land

Socializing: I’ve pretty much cut down on my activities in world the past year. Work has been a bit more demanding of my time and attention. I’m mostly concerned with station business when I do get online. But that’s not to say I didn’t have any fun. 🙂
Sunset at Cocololo - 2Hanging around

Hanging with Ladi on the patio

Running a radio station in Second Life: If you think you’re going to make it rich or become wildly popular with a streaming station,you’re sadly mistaken. If you stream you’re in it to share the music, period. If your music has a lot of appeal, you have a somewhat professional sound, and you are a business savvy, then you can probably cover your expenses. What are those expenses? Let’s assume you’re going to be legit, pay your royalties and run advertising. Stream costs : $15-30 a month (100 slots), Music Royalties (assuming a monthly Total Listener Hours of 10,000) $50, and SESAC License (for advertising) $20+ .  You’re looking at an outlay of $85-$100 a month. Land tier, that’s up to you if you want an in world studio or home office.

Can you make this money back? Maybe. Who is going to hear it and can you generate traffic for your advertisers? Probably not in most cases. Here’s the ugly truth about media and advertising in SL. It doesn’t work that well. SL is a very fractured market and it’s hard to get the word out. While I may in fact have the most successful and listened to SL radio station getting a wide audience to listen is difficult. Hell, a lot of people can’t place a media URL on their land. Also, most people who are in SL simply do not bother to listen to the parcel media unless someone or something tells them too. I’m not saying that getting the word out over the air is worthless, it’s just not as effective as written or graphic media.

How do I stay afloat? I have a more restrictive license that prohibits me from advertising but I can have sponsors. Prices, services, and comparisons are verboten.  Business names and websites are OK to mention and it is in a way a soft sell. Repeated often enough and it becomes a form or mild advertising. I am always up front with every sponsor of mine and tell them this will not boost your sales through the roof. Most if not all of my current and past sponsors have contributed to keep the station online because they love the music as much as I do. In the nearly 3 years KONA Radio has been online I’ve always met my budget. Any extra money went into music purchases, web hosting and equipment upgrades for the radio station.

Pirates: Let’s just say that if you encounter a station that’s not licensed and is running advertising, stay away. Unlicensed streams are a dime a dozen and typically don’t get caught if they maintain a low profile, but if they try to make money off their stream it can get pretty ugly. If caught they can expect some very hefty fines and possibly confiscation of their computer gear. You do not want to associate your good business name with criminal activity.

To close out this post I’d like to thank some of my Sponsors and supporters for all their contributions:

Sponsors: Kevin Ludwig,Nikki Brennan, Brookston Holiday, Izabella Bentham, Tasha Kostolany, Yxes Delacroix, Banana Stein, Cynthia Maine, Viola Bentham, Stuart Warf, Razzap Snookums, Chatnoir Tangerine, Gayle Cabaret, Gorgeous Yongho, and many more

Supporters: Trill Lomu, LaDonna Upshaw,Crap Mariner, Grizzy Griswold, Marianne McCann, and many more also.

Home page: www.konastream.com

Parcel Media: http://gold.slserver.com:8030

We can also be found on iTunes in the “Retro 70s” category of the radio listings. We actually play 60s 70s and 80s but that’s where we got placed.