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Burning Bridges

So I’ve been wondering lately about a few things. When relationships end in SL be they partnerships, friendships or business why do SLers tend to burn bridges? In my 3 years in SL I’ve noticed a tendency for people to do cruel and crass things to people they formerly were close to. Is it the lack of personal, face to face interaction that feeds this revenge sort of behaviour? Having been on the receiving end of it I can say it really sucks that people can’t simply accept that disagreements will occur and to just get over it. Acting on your petty anger or perceiving that your so called SL honor has been slighted just diminishes yourself. It also hardens people against you.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been a saint here and I feel bad for stepping on some people. When I can I  try to patch things up and when it’s hopeless I write them off as a casualty. Second Life is still a very small community and I think it would be in a person’s best interest to start treating others with respect. Especially those you disagree with. If you feel the need to lash out or otherwise harm someone you have a disagreement with it will only come back at you in spades.

Metaverse TV is near


Crap Mariner recently posted about anger and his SL experience. I feel in my case that forgiveness is harder to come by from me. I am pretty straight forward about who I am, what I want and what I expect from others. If you can’t accept the fact that I have feelings and I deserve a bit of dignity then I simply can’t be around you. Some people say that I have anger issues. I say that I have an aversion to selfish, shallow people who hide behind an avatar. Like Crap said, it’s a big grid and ditching the parasites , backstabbers, and the all-or-nothing types can lead you to better opportunites.  I feel I am getting better and avoiding some people and situations that will cause me grief. But I walk the line between wearing my heart out on my sleeve and being hard-heated. Finding balance is tough and a never ending.

Rav out….


It’s the End of the World! (provided you could log in)

Yay, record number of logins today topping over 68,000. At this moment it has receded to 59,000 and they’ve closed logins. Sigh, not that I’d be able to stay in. It seems we go through this evolution every September when we lose connection. We had a bad card at the local CO that had to be replaced in September 2006, September 2007, and here recently on the 4th of July this year. Now I am getting short disconnects lasting a few seconds every 30 minutes or so. No idea what is going on now since our DSL signal is quiet strong with a D/SNR of 31 decibels. The phone tech set it up so the DSL signal only went to one wall jack, the one the DSL modem is plugged into. Guess what, still disconnecting. So we’ll see what the other techs say about the equipment at the CO or the DSLAM since they were on holiday. Either their gear is bad or my modem is failing in some sort of odd manner.

On a positive note KONA Radio keeps on trucking despite the bad connections. At its worst I was able to activate the Auto-DJ and have it carry the stream for a few hours until the connection stabilized. I’ve been adding some more artist to the play list to include Isaac Hayes, The Animals, and The Wonder Stuff. Here’s a link to an Isaac Hayes song that makes me laugh my ass off:


I want to wish well to all those people living on the gulf coast as they try to hunker down from Gustav’s onslaught. ( Well all except for one couple who live on a houseboat. I hope your boat joins all the computers the hubby threw overboard)

Stirring the Pot at Flickr


Normally I am an easy going, happy go lucky sort of avatar. Staying out of trouble (mostly), having fun, exploring, yadda yadda yadda… . There are times though when I get restless and want to rattle cages. Sometimes I rattle a bit too hard, but my intent is to make a point and not hurt somebody. This week I really stepped in it and caused a bit of a fuss. As many of you know there is a Flickr SL feed on the Linden Labs Blog. The general Second Life Pool is one of the most visible and heavily used SL photo pools and is prone to abuse. The only posted rule is this :

20 Sep 07 –Remember guys, the Second Life Group is a PG group. No nudity – thanks!

Nothing else, period. As I write this it is still written that way. For the past few months I’ve steadily noticed more racier and some downright nudity on the stream, some shots I saw right on the LL Blog page! A few were removed quickly, but most it seemed simply disappeared deeply into the archives. I decided to do a test and see what would happen. I did a series of pictures using poses where my avatar’s hands covered her breast. I uploaded them and flagged them as unsafe. Flagging them as unsafe will prevent them from being shown to people who opt out of seeing pics in that category. It also filters them out of Flickr feeds. I know for a fact that my RSS reader not show unsafe content on either my Google or Yahoo start pages. The only way you can see my unsafe content is to deliberately access it by lowering your thresholds on the Flickr page.

So, I posted the pics, attributed them as unsafe and submitted them to several SL related pools including the Second Life Pool. The next morning 3 out of the 5 were removed. OK, somebody was on the ball that night. I posted to the discussion forum and asked, well more like demanded somebody post the official standards, the rules, the cotton pickin’ guidelines. Sadly my tone was not the civil tone I normally use and it kinda put off some of the moderators.(Note to self, leave the sarcasm for people who get it.) On a positive note they did list point by point what was a no-go (no pun intended). However, they have failed to make it a public policy. Even with Torley Linden himself weighing in on the subject I don’t think they truly understand what I was trying to get across. While it may be impossible to adequately monitor the stream with 8 people it certainly would be helpful if everyone who posted had access to a full set of comprehensive rules. What may happen eventually is that something offensive will be posted, seen on the SL Blog page and the feed will be yanked, probably never to be returned or replaced by another. I can’t say they weren’t warned.

Below the fold are the pics I submitted to the feed:



So what happened to East End Radio??? It all boiled down to control. Here’s the facts: I owned the computer, all the music, the DSL connection, I produced content, managed the playlist, kept the station up and running 24/7. I did EVERYTHING for the station except, pay the server cost. Somehow the Estate owner, B.C. felt she was the OWNER of East End Radio. There was a sign in the barn stating that I was the owner/operator of the station. She took exception to it and wanted it changed. I said no and it degenerated quickly from there. It ended up with her cutting me off from the stream. Funny how a few months later she lost control of it all and sold the entire estate for half price. And oh, how about Bar Harbor? A casino island, what a grand success that was. Ha Ha, but I digress….

I did have an ace up my sleeve. My station had been well received by the residents and guest of The East End and one of them stood up and volunteered to fund my station. Kevin Ludwig of Hukilau island became my new benefactor and gave my station a home in his sim. From Hukilau I spread to many more sims such as Grand Harbor, Mill Pond, Pantheon, and Fishers Island. Some sims and estates have come and gone but I am happy to report KONA is alive and well in many locations throughout Second Life.

Probably the biggest change came in June when I changed business models and went from advertising to sponsorship. This has allowed me to better comply with the rules and give the sponsors a more realistic expectations. As successful as some SL stations are we simply aren’t the powerhouses that many commercial stations are. Sponsoring us will not make your product move like hotcakes. Yes, your name will be heard but what your sponsorship actually does is keep the music alive. We SL stations provide a service and a function that no Club 977 or Martini in the Morning can ever do. We live in SL and interact with our listeners on a regular basis and share our love of music with them, avatar to avatar.

Here’s to good tunes!
Me and Ravishal in the new KONA Radio Studios

See the link on the right to listen to KONA Radio.



Friday the 12th of October will mark 1 year of broadcasting in Second Life for me. At some point we all find our niche here and mine was broadcasting music. Previously I had dabbled in shoutcasting with a couple of streams when I first got DSL but I never bothered with an external server. In May of 2004 I began to broadcast in the real world with some low power Ramsey kits on FM and AM. I perhaps got out a kilometer or so with some decent antennas. My transmitters still run today filling my yard and most of the neighborhood with my music.

Venturing into Second Life I mostly heard canned and stuffy commercial stations Like Sky FM or Club 977. Talk about tight playlist! Sheesh, if it wasn’t a number one in the charts you didn’t hear it. That changed when I discovered the Mowry Bay Yacht Club in June 2006. The club owner Saxxon Domela streamed his own music into Second Life “The Rock of Mowry Bay”. I was almost there. I had a station already running but lacked the funds to procure a shoutcast stream.

In September 2006 my partner and her friend began to work in the East End sims (now known as SLNE). They had a stream that was only used a few hours a week for artist and a DJ. I offered my services for a nominal fee and signed on 12 October 2006. The name East End Radio was chosen after the name of the estate. My relations with the sim owner were at times contentious. It seems that her idea of good music varied from mine. Sometimes she would commandeer the stream and spin her own tunes (while sipping copious amounts of alcohol). Invariably with the exception for the random Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne song I had every song she played in my collection. During that time I did work a lot to quell her concerns as to the apparent randomness of my music. With the helpful suggestions of Gwen, Gayle, and Diana I devised a rotation to separate the up tempo, slow tempo and “oddball” songs into their own blocks to give a sense of consistency.

As time went on I learned a bit more and had fun getting on the microphone and holding impromptu events. It was stifling knowing I could only be heard in the East End sims so I handed the URL out to a few friends and it was well received in Hukilau. Ha Ha, take that B.C.! My station even charted in the shoutcast ratings list, not too far below Phreak and T1 Radio. One of my favorite duties I took on was Master of Ceremonies at the Nantucket Theater. When an artist like Louis Volare or Kori Travanti came to perform I would get on stage, crack open the mic and introduce them. That was so cool!

However things do change and East End Radio came to an abrupt end in February… More about this and it’s relaunch as KONA Radio in my next installment.




So you say you are unhappy about where you are. You live on a multiple sim estate and you have a disagreement with the owners. They are enforcing the covenant and you don’t like it. Fine, you sell and move on. Unless of course you are immature and prone to wrecking things you did not build in the first place. What do you do instead? You pout, you bitch and whine. Then you begin a campaign to discredit the owners and/or estate managers. Way to go shithead. All you did was buy some land. Maybe you helped organize events. But somewhere you forgot your place. You did not spend big money to purchase the sims. Nor did you spend hundreds (thousands actually) of hours developing it, marketing it, and running it on a daily basis. You did not abide by the covenant and your actions spoiled everyone else’s enjoyment of the sims. Or maybe you wanted more power to run things, but then demonstrated your incompetence and lack of leadership skills. If you are unahppy, move. STFU and take your 6th grade politics elsewhere. 8,000 plus sims out there for you to play in. Hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on your collective fat asses on the way out.


Saturday night me and my friend Abella accepted an invitation from Patrick Leavitt to go for a balloon ride. We TP over to Hollywood and sail north to my old stomping grounds SLNE. God it was so depressing. The docks where dozens of Takos used to be moored were empty. The lag was terrible too. The voids used to have 200 free prims for sailing, but that was cut to 75. Yeah, right. How come we bounced off two of them? The error message said there were not enough free prims left. Anyone want to hazard a guess why the Nantucket Yacht Club left SLNE? Nice, you let the void owners jam up their parcels to the brim, screw the sailors. The Nantucket and Mystic sims weren’t any better. Lord knows how many scripts were running and how close the prim counts were to the limits. I didn’t check because I couldn’t see the ground. I had to drop my draw distance down to 64 meters to keep from locking up.

Piece of advice for the sailors out there, stay in Hollywood, don’t go up north, you’ll only run aground on “Prim Reef”.


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