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Every now and again a new toy or device arrives in SL that is just plain fun. The last thing was Seven Seas Fishing. It is fun, social and you are awarded with free fishes, creatures and puzzles to solve. Today while in Nantucket I saw something that caught my eye. A “radio controlled” sailboat. The Dutch sailing barge, or “Skutsje” was lovingly crafted by Surfwidow Beaumont and it incorporates several HUDs (Control, Camera, and Control). Like most sailboats in SL the Skutsje uses the SL wind physics to drive it (it also can run on a motor). You also get a hand held remote to simulate the experience.

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 1

The particle wakes are a nice touch too:

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 2

The package also comes with miniature bouys so you could set up a race course and run for time.

I recommend using Mouselook to sail it and using CTRL-8,9,0 to zoom in and out to track the sailboat better at distances.

You can buy your own for only $250L here:


Lets get real. 750 Prims and 10 avatars max. What a  load of horsesh*t. Sure, 750 prims will garner you a nice lighthouse and a bunch of rocks and trees but the egregious part is the 10 avatar limit. In my 2-3/4 years in SL I spent a lot of time associated with the sailing community. A 10 avatar limit to a sim is not going to cut it. A large race and or regatta can have more than 10 avatars in a given sim at any time. The last damn thing you want is to have participants bounce off a sim boundary because there are too many avatars in a sim at once. I know for a fact several Lindens have watched races in the past and know how many people can be involved.

The sailing and other vehicle themed estates will still have to shed voids as they would no longer be as attractive to even renters/buyers.  In my experience perhaps 4 voids can be supported by 2-3 full sims if the residents don’t mind paying a bit extra to fund the void’s cost. It gets dicier after that as fluctuations in occupancy cuts into the void fund. A way around that is to rent or even sell voids to cover their cost. Provided enough free prims are left open for sailors and scripts are kept in check it all works out. This crippling of the voids will still have a deleterious effect as it will drastically reduce the amount of voids an estate can afford. As voids get dropped sims will have to be moved at a cost, further taxing the pockets of the sim owners.
Tako Cup 17

This is still a no win situation. Sailing may not die, but it will be effectively crippled.

Tako Cup 14

Linden Labs to destroy Sailing and Aeronautical interest in SL

It’s funny, last spring LL began allowing the sale of single open space sims (voids) and doubling their prim counts. Fine and dandy I suppose. It only encouraged people to get their won little slice of heaven in SL and have a sim of their own. Then LL began having second thoughts, people were doing lots of things in these void sims they were not originally intended for. In their questionable wisdom they’ve decided to lower the boom jack the prices up which will make them unattractive. From $75 to $125 a month tier. That’s pretty damn harsh indeed. But what really sucks is that many estates still use the open space sims for their intended purpose. Namely several sailing and Flying themed sims. Many of them have voids that are not sold, have only landscaping and are primarily used to support an active community of vehicle users, be they sailboats, planes, or cars. These voids were supported by tier collected on the full sized sims in the estate. An extra $50 USD tier per void is going to break the bank and cause these states to collapse. They will not be able to afford all their voids and will have to abandon them. With little or no room to drive a vehicle around they lose their appeal and will lose residents.

In this day of financial turmoil jacking the prices on voids is stupid. The very estates  using the voids for the expressed purposes they were created for will be the most affected. Way to go Linden Labs. An absolutely stupid F***ing move.


Hi All!

The Blogger meeting will be held this upcoming Sunday, the 24th of February from 1-4pm SLT at the delightful Sailors Cove estate. I will be your primary host and Ravishal will be the backup. Rav will be working the mic for KONA Radio making announcements and playing the music. The location for the meeting is the Tradewinds Yacht Club located in the south central portion of the Fishers Island sim. Just look for the pink star on your maps 🙂 . We will have plenty of dance balls, games, and faux-food/drink for you to enjoy. But be warned if the party is jammed packed the games may futz out. Dancing and chatting is always a safe bet!

Tymmerie mentioned themes used in past meetings and I think a nautical theme will suit just fine. So put on your pirate gear, naval uniforms, or your Danny Noonan yacht clothes:

Noonan or Smails

Finally we are gonna get wet! No, not the tub full of jello kinda wet (sorry Crap). If you have a sailboat of any kind or a steam powered vessel you are invited to take to the waterways of the Sailors Cove sims and tour the vast 15 sim estate. The grand sail will start at 3pm SLT. If you do not have a boat there are vendors below the yacht club that have free, one hour rentals and of course you can hitch a ride with somebody too. 🙂

Now the rules:

Sailors Cove is a family oriented sim so no nudity, over the top swearing, violence or gun play please! Please avoid trespassing onto private residences. Have fun!
SL Blogger poster
KONA Radio StudioKONA Radio Dance





Saturday marks the 1 year anniversary of KONA Radio. KONA Radio came to life after the premature demise of East End Radio at the hands of an infamous loser* . Unburdened of its yoke KONA spread to many sims across SL starting of course at Hukilau island and further branching out to places like Fishers Island & Grand Harbor. One thing I’ve neglected to do was set up a website. It was after I began to broadcast Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Stories that Crap gave a little push to do it by suggesting I really aught to have a neat URL to toss out there for the crowds. So here you go! Click the picture to go to my site.

On the front page are links to launch the music, visit my sponsors, a chat widget to talk to me if I am online and a now playing list. There are also pages for a calendar, station blog, paypal donations, and a meebo chat room.


Speaking of new websites, Sailors Cove’s web presence has grown from a couple of blogs and groups to a website that ties them together. Please also visit their site to see how they combined all their elements together to form a useful and informative website highlighting the best of SC. To quote the site :

“…the most dynamic and beautiful sims in Second Life. Fifteen sims of low-lag sailing, living and where, for us, Sailing Comes First!
We are owned by sailors, we are managed by sailors, we have genuine concern for sailing – “The best place to sail and live in SL”.”

They also have few estate and owner lots for sale too:

Sailors Cove is also the home to the KONA Radio studios:


* So who’s the loser? Look below the break to see:


As announced by Zoe Connolly the next SL Blogger meeting will be held at Sailors Cove on the 24th of February from 1pm to 4pm SLT. Hosting will be myself, Ravishal Bentham and GoSpeed Racer. Tunes will of course come courtesy of KONA Radio and one of the activities we plan on is a Grand Sail around the 15 sims of the Sailors Cove estate. If you don’t have a sailboat you can easily hitch a ride with somebody else.

SL Blogger poster
Ravishal Bentham

Hope to see you all there!

Lastly, I have launched a website for my radio station here : .


Holiday’s Modern Yachts

GoSpeed visits Holiday Island, home of Holiday’s Modern Yachts. The Sim owner, Brookston Holiday, is a long time sponsor of KONA Radio 🙂

on the bow 

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