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I saw this on my Plurk time line today and I was wowed by it! A group of Tolkien fans have come together and created a fan fiction movie 40 minutes in length dealing Aragorn’s search for Gollum. In the Ring trilogy it’s only given a brief description so these people decided to write and film it for themselves. The website for the product is here :  http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/

Here are the trailers on Vimeo:

The production values are outstanding to say the least! In a way these fans remind me of how some in SL take fiction and create their own stories from it via Role Play. And they do it very cheaply too. A game based on a popular franchise cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to produce. An SL group will pay a minuscule fraction of that. Now compare “The Hunt for Gollum” produced for some $6,000 to the LOTR trilogy that cost millions. Wow, just wow.

I know where I will be the 3rd of May!



Well it’s here, more or less. HTML on a prim. I dug out an old freebie TV screen, deeded it to the group and voila! a web page on a prim!
HTML on a prim 1

Like the blog says you can’t click it nor does the fancy stuff like flash work, you’ll notice the the Meebo chat application is missing here. But the pages do refresh. What Me and Rav may do is create a special webpage with just the song information. That way we can use one prim instead of a 62 or 35 prim sign to display song information (or pesky floating text).
HTML on a prim 2
This looks very promising!!!!!!!