One of the cool mashups that plays on KONA Radio

This has been one of my favorite mashups ever from an artist called “CCC” . How many artist can you spot in this video?


SL musician Kori Travanti hits the papers

Kori Linae Carrothers, aka, Kori Travanti was recently interviewed by the Orange County Register about her upcoming CD, Trillium, and how she came to be a musician.

Kori is on hiatus from SL to work on her new CD and hopefully will come back someday.

Kori Travanti

Kori’s music can be heard on KONA Radio

KONA Radio Sunday Listener Party 430-530PM SLT – 5 April 2009

Today at 430pm SLT KONA Radio hosts its weekly listener party at the KONA Radio Studios in Nowhereville.

We feature the past week’s 100 Word Stories from Crap Mariner, Music Trivia, and selected tunes from the KONA Radio playlist.

KONA Radio :

Another lost tune from my teen years, circa 1981. Diesel – Sausolito Summernight . Not sure if a video was made but this is what I found on Youtube. Now proudly playing on KONA Radio!

Valentines Party gigs

Tonight I’ll be DJing at the Barn in Nantucket from 4-6pm SLT for their Valentines Day Extravaganza. Expect only the best in fine, romantic music.  Tonight’s event is is sponsored by three of SLNE’s businesses ; TenderLove, SHaFT Estates, & HappyHearts Singles Dating Service. All three will be raffling off select items from their offerings.  Other prizes will be awarded throughout the evening as well.
Nantucket Barn Valentines 2009

The  talented GoSpeed Racer will be commanding the KONA stream for her weekly gig from 1-3pm SLT at Fibber Magees in the Dublin 3 sim. She’s taking the opposite direction and playing some “anti-Valentine” tunes. So if you’re not in the mood for mush, be sure to go to her gig instead.
Spin and sip

Happy Valentines to you all!
Happy Valentines from Trill and Ravishal-3

What is Rock and Roll to me?

Sometimes you come across a song that personifies everything about a genre. For rock and roll this song by “The Kinks – Do It Again” is one of them. Great guitar wark, catchy lyrics, percussion, etc.. I am proud to add this song to the KONA Radio playlist:

Martini In The Morning, one the more ubiquitous internet streams in SL, has taken the big step and is now syndicated on a real world radio station. KPHX, AM 1480 in Phoenix, Arizona now carries MITM programming. This is the first instance of an internet only station making the jump to a terrestrial station. This is an awesome accomplishment and I applaud them for achieving this milestone.

MITM has in the past been active in SL as evidenced by this page. Does anyone know if they still hold events in world?

My station, KONA Radio,  is doing fine. Our recent inclusion in iTunes has more than doubled our listener rates and the feedback has been great from all my listeners no matter how they tune in.

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