It’s been a while since my last meaningful post and there have been a lot of things I’d like to write about. This post should address some of those things. . Kinda sad to see it go. I had an account there and visited on occasion but there just wasn’t much to keep me there. The avatars were cartoonish (yet strangely more appealing than the noob avatars for SL) and the choices for clothing and gear was severely limited. It was also a strictly enforced PG zone as children as young as 12 were logged on. And I tell you, nothing feels more creepy than a 12 year old girl asking if you wanted to be her boyfriend. Yikes! Run away! Run Away! But it served the needs of many of its users. It had plenty of games like dune buggy races and hover-boards as many of the fun activities. You could also run on a 56K dial-up connection and on computers with built in graphic chips (like those crummy Intel ones). I suspect most of the users will take a pass on SL or Blue Mars and head for the likes of Free Realms or Toon Town. Both can be played for free, are PG and have many task oriented activities to participate in.

Kissy faced in Coke land

Socializing: I’ve pretty much cut down on my activities in world the past year. Work has been a bit more demanding of my time and attention. I’m mostly concerned with station business when I do get online. But that’s not to say I didn’t have any fun. 🙂
Sunset at Cocololo - 2Hanging around

Hanging with Ladi on the patio

Running a radio station in Second Life: If you think you’re going to make it rich or become wildly popular with a streaming station,you’re sadly mistaken. If you stream you’re in it to share the music, period. If your music has a lot of appeal, you have a somewhat professional sound, and you are a business savvy, then you can probably cover your expenses. What are those expenses? Let’s assume you’re going to be legit, pay your royalties and run advertising. Stream costs : $15-30 a month (100 slots), Music Royalties (assuming a monthly Total Listener Hours of 10,000) $50, and SESAC License (for advertising) $20+ .  You’re looking at an outlay of $85-$100 a month. Land tier, that’s up to you if you want an in world studio or home office.

Can you make this money back? Maybe. Who is going to hear it and can you generate traffic for your advertisers? Probably not in most cases. Here’s the ugly truth about media and advertising in SL. It doesn’t work that well. SL is a very fractured market and it’s hard to get the word out. While I may in fact have the most successful and listened to SL radio station getting a wide audience to listen is difficult. Hell, a lot of people can’t place a media URL on their land. Also, most people who are in SL simply do not bother to listen to the parcel media unless someone or something tells them too. I’m not saying that getting the word out over the air is worthless, it’s just not as effective as written or graphic media.

How do I stay afloat? I have a more restrictive license that prohibits me from advertising but I can have sponsors. Prices, services, and comparisons are verboten.  Business names and websites are OK to mention and it is in a way a soft sell. Repeated often enough and it becomes a form or mild advertising. I am always up front with every sponsor of mine and tell them this will not boost your sales through the roof. Most if not all of my current and past sponsors have contributed to keep the station online because they love the music as much as I do. In the nearly 3 years KONA Radio has been online I’ve always met my budget. Any extra money went into music purchases, web hosting and equipment upgrades for the radio station.

Pirates: Let’s just say that if you encounter a station that’s not licensed and is running advertising, stay away. Unlicensed streams are a dime a dozen and typically don’t get caught if they maintain a low profile, but if they try to make money off their stream it can get pretty ugly. If caught they can expect some very hefty fines and possibly confiscation of their computer gear. You do not want to associate your good business name with criminal activity.

To close out this post I’d like to thank some of my Sponsors and supporters for all their contributions:

Sponsors: Kevin Ludwig,Nikki Brennan, Brookston Holiday, Izabella Bentham, Tasha Kostolany, Yxes Delacroix, Banana Stein, Cynthia Maine, Viola Bentham, Stuart Warf, Razzap Snookums, Chatnoir Tangerine, Gayle Cabaret, Gorgeous Yongho, and many more

Supporters: Trill Lomu, LaDonna Upshaw,Crap Mariner, Grizzy Griswold, Marianne McCann, and many more also.

Home page:

Parcel Media:

We can also be found on iTunes in the “Retro 70s” category of the radio listings. We actually play 60s 70s and 80s but that’s where we got placed.



Saturday from Noon til 2pm SLT I’ll be spinning music for the grand opening of LaDonna Upshaw’s grand re-opening of her newer, bigger store on South Sea Isle. LaDonna makes high quality furniture with many poses, colors and forms. I’ll be playing quality rock and pop from the 60s,70s and 80s for your listening / dancing pleasure. See the SLURL below for a landing point.


DJ Ravishal Bentham at the Nantucket Barn Halloween Party

Join us for two great hours of spooky, scary and fun music as I rock the barn in Nantucket from 6-8pm SLT on 29 October 2009. Wear a costume and please, no scripted weapons or nudity.

Halloween at Nantucket - Rav

For a larger pic:

If you can’t make it in world then please tune us in via the website at or via iTunes in the Retro 70s category in Radio.

In response to The Guild’s avatar video SL’s very own Pooky Amsterdam of The First Question & The Dating Casino has starred in her own video reply. First is the Guild’s video for those who have not seen it:

And this is Pooky’s response. She can sing too!!!!

Sunday Listener Party at the KONA Radio Studios

Where? : KONA Radio Studios SLURL

When? : Every Sunday night from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM SLT

We have a FULL PLATE tonight on KONA Radio’s Sunday Listener party. I’ll be playing a full weeks worth of programming from The Onion and Time Warp Radio. That, along with the 100 Word Stories, 3 episodes of Today in Music History, and several new tunes from artist like Van Halen, the Four Tops and Status Quo will mean the program will run for about 90 or so minutes tonight.  No worries about running late as we have a LOT of content!

Is this yours?

Come by and see the famous Italian leg lamp too!

Listening to KONA Radio on the iPhone

I’ve recently acquired an iPhone 3GS and all I can say is “WOW”. It is an awesome piece of technology that can handle multimedia just fine thank you! Naturally I got the unlimited data plan and began taking it through it’s paces with streaming music. There are several fine choices for the right price of “Free”.

FStream: Supports a wide range of formats such as MP3, Ogg, AAC, & WMA. It also can search a few directories for music such as Shoutcast and iTunes. You can find KONA Radio under the Golden Oldies section. FStream is especially good for mobile listening as you can increase the buffer size and number of attempted reconnects if the connection drops. Go here for more details


Shoutcast: An app from AOL/Shoutcast that allows you to search the shoutcast listings. Very basic. Download it from here: SHOUTCAST on iPhone


WWW.MOODIO.FM : A rather innovative solution to a common problem. Many stations broadcast in a format that your media player cannot receive or the bit rate is too high. This is a website that will receive the station for you and trans code it to a lower bit rate AAC formatted stream. The stream is then played over your Safari browser on the iPhone so you can collapse the browser and run other non audio based apps. If the station you want is not listed you can add it your self or request that it be added for you. To add KONA to your mobile page list just search for KONA Radio.

to quote their FAQ:

Almost every modern phone with internet and multimedia capabilities should be able to receive radio through Moodio. What you basically need is a phone that supports 3GPP/3GPP2-streaming and understands the AACPlus-codec. This includes popular phones from manufacturers like BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Apple’s (non-3GPP-compatible) iPhone is also supported.

Windows Mobile does not natively support 3GPP streaming. This means that Moodio won’t work on these phones, except for the few models where the manufacturer installed a 3GPP compatible player, like HTC does on their more recent phones. For more info about the HTC player and how to install it on your own Windows phone, look here.


If you’re on Windows Mobile or Palm OS you can listen in via a wide variety of  media players such as Pocket Tunes. The Palm Pre will stream MP3 shoutcast with it’s native media player.

For your parcel in SL use this URL:

JUNE Ratings for selected Second Life based* radio stations.

Report Date: Wed Jul  1 04:00:02 2009
** Top stations by TTSL
30 day rolling total, taken from 30 days of data
POS            TTSL              TUNE-INS    5-MIN-TUNE-INS    STATION
#2634      14,044            31,426            7,527            KONA Radio – Qlty Music 60s 70s & 80s
#3408      9,372.75          36,420       10,247           SLR2 – Second Life Radio
#6042      3,659.5           18,198            5,915             Live Radio SL
#8164      2,035.25          7,361             2,990             K-TOX Toxian City Radio Second Life – Industrial and More!
#11332     1,077.5           4,244             1,548             K-TOX Toxian City Radio Second Life  – Industrial And more!
#7214      2,587.5           6,330              2,569             BZoO WorldWide Radio
#7985      2,127.25          15,268           5,807            Reggae Romance….100% Vibes, Soca, Dancehall, Roots, Second Life
#10805     1,176.75          8,225             1,799             **T1 Radio **

* Stations that maintain a nominal presence and exhibit some degree of social interaction in the virtual world of Second Life.

Kicking ass and taking names! KONA is sitting on top with the nearest station being the German SLR2 station. A very distant 3rd is the Live Radio SL featuring SL artist exclusively. Closely following is K-TOX based in the Midian sims and favored by many post apocalypse RPers. Next is BzoO Radio described as “HOT RoCK DaNCe Radio ~ DOiN da House Blues Rock Funk Club Dance!!”  Filling out the bottom is Reggae Romance and **T1 Radio**.

There are many other radio stations in SL but they did not make this list because their listenership was less than 1,000 hours per month or they are Icecast based and thus listed elsewhere.

GoSpeed & Rav publicity - Subscribomatic pic

So, as a child of the 70s I had to have a cool Cylon Centurion avatar. Add to that a memory of a song by Lipps Inc. circa 1980. You get this :

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