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KONA Radio, 9 February 2007 – 31 October 2010



All transitions are hard even if you’re shedding burdens. As mentioned in the last post I will switch from Shoutcast to Iceast (OGG) format on the KONA stream. It turns out a popular viewer currently does not support OGG, that would be Imprudence!. Apparently something broke in it last  month and it’s on the hot list to be fixed. Kinda sucks when people show up at a gig and can’t hear your stream. (They sure aren’t going to tip either.)

I’ve gotten a new cable modem from Comcast to replace our problematic Motorola unit. Of course it would be too simple to assume all the previous problems would simply disappear and nothing would replace them. Our new modem has a “WAN” port on it instead of the more common Ethernet port. No longer could I simply plug it into an Ethernet jack or WAN port in my 8 port hub. Yes, you read right, a HUB, that’s about 10 years old. I had to plug them modem into the Vonage adapter then feed it to the hub. It just works but there is a big flaw. When I move a lot of big files across the network it seems to swamp the network and it stops my station stream(s) from uploading to the server. Damn…. I’ll have to spring for a Switch it seems.




As I’ve written about before I have been streaming online for a little over 4 years now. From humble beginnings at East End Radio and a fledgling KONA Radio  my station saw slow and steady growth to where it became the most listened to SL based radio station. The inclusion into the iTunes Radio listings helped tremendously also. But success came at a price. As my listenership increased so did my costs. The Licensing fees were $45.00 a month, the Shoutcast server was $18.00, and my SL tier was $8.00.  On a good month I would have enough in sponsorships, advertising, and DJ tips to cover the costs. As time went buy it started to become a burden, a hassle to scrounge for the money. While it felt good knowing that thousands of people around the world liked my station enough to tune in at least once a week it just didn’t pay the bills. I do have a few hardcore fans who tune in everyday and perhaps my best fans were my sponsors. They forked over the money knowing well that their contribution did more to keep me broadcasting than it ever helped their bottom line.

As many of my predecessors and current colleagues will tell you, you ain’t going to get rich broadcasting online. Count yourself lucky if you can break even. The current royalty scheme is very much leveled against the little guy. There is simply no way they can get ahead. It’s like we pay them the privilege to broadcast their music. For those who can’t find a sugar daddy to cover our costs or have enough disposable income to cover the costs we all reach a point where we fold up and move on once our drive to share is spent.

So, where to now? I have already dropped my listing on iTunes which contributed to about %60 of my listener hours. I will also drop my current Shoutcast server in favor of a cheaper Icecast server. This will also shed a number of my SL and web based listeners. I’ll be using .OGG format which will give me a superior sound for the same bit rate. There will also be no advertising and station breaks will be less frequent. The station name will also change to “KONA Stream” to match the station website name. If you wish to listen or continue listening to email me at ravishal@konastream.com or look my profile up in SL.

Ready or Not

Below is a press release from a long time friend, talented musician and all around nice guy, Heath Vercher (known in SL as Heath Elvehjem):


September 2, 2010

Just for clarity, this is for immediate release. I guess.

It’s another afternoon spent writing e-mails, posting videos, and eating Lucky Charms. And somewhere in all this, dear reader, I realize the need to write a press release or some sort of official document chronicling the impending release of a brand new recording project.

I could write that in the third person and tell you that “Heath’s latest release is sure to be a winner, complete with happy-go-lucky piano tunes that will melt your heart” or that “this upcoming solo piano album will be more fun than a day at the beach.” But you don’t really want to hear that, do you? I thought not.

And you know what, you’re exactly right. How do I make ‘solo piano’ fun? That’s a tough call.

Well, how about I start by telling you the release date? OK, here goes. It’s October 5, 2010. See, that wasn’t so bad. “Well, Heath, what sort of songs are going to be on the album?”

A very valid question! And in case didn’t figure it out, this album is solo piano. Mostly.

Let me start with the title piece, “Whimsy.” One day, while I was driving to work, I got this picture in my head of an album cover. And on the album cover, you see a pianist, or rather, the pianist’s feet, while he or she is sitting at the piano. From the attire of the individual, you would think they are playing a formal event, and the tone of the evening would be one of hushed silence and little talking. From the vantage point of the photograph, one can make out both feet of the performer, and on one foot, a shiny black formal dress shoe, but on the other, a fuzzy rainbow-colored sock like the stockings you might find on a birthday clown. And that’s it. Amusing. Funny. Quirky. And reflective. For the kiddos, there is “The Dreamers,” a solo piano piece with some added cello. There’s always room for cello, right? Children are a very big part of my life. From teaching piano to children, to spending time with my nieces, nephews and the children of my friends, there is something innocent, pure and magical about childhood. And for some reason, waltzes always remind me of lazy days as a kid, letting my imagination run wild and seeing what new adventure waited over the horizon. This song is for children everywhere, and for the child within each one of us.

“Edgewater” is another piece from “Whimsy,” highlighting recent and not-so-recent travels along the Gulf Coast. I have always loved the water. And I have always loved the South. It’s something in the air, and something about the way of life down here that is inescapable. And so that is where “Edgewater” tells its story, in drives up and down the coast, in sunsets watching the waves crash along the shore, and in adventures to have every single day.

“Te Deseo,” also Spanish for ‘I desire you’ is a piece written for my wonderful wife. I wanted to capture the sound of what it feels like every time I look in her eyes, run my hands through her hair, or hold her in my arms. I wanted to capture in this piece all the sensuality that is loving a woman in the most romantic way possible. This song is written for kisses in the rain, candlelight, whispers, and dreams on the lips of two people who are deeply in love. And it is for something much deeper. This piece is written for a woman whose beauty goes so deep that mere words can fail to describe it.

And that’s just a small sampling of the 11 pieces that appear on the release. So come on in, rest your weary head, and laugh a little. Love life. That’s what this album is all about.


There is more to come. More music videos. Performances. But it all begins with you.


I have all 11 tracks now in rotation on the stream. You can also sample  some of his music here: http://www.heartsparkmusic.com/

Heath’s indicated to me there will be some giveaways to KONA Radio listeners so be sure to listen and visit the KONA Radio website in the upcoming weeks!

to play KONA Radio on your parcel use this URL : http://gold.slserver.com:8030

If you think your connection is bad imagine if your country/ISP implements overly broad measures to discourage pirating digital content. The below email is from a KONA Radio fan who can no longer listen because a constant 64Kbps stream is detected as a peer to peer bit torrent stream and throttled down to zero.

Also important is that Thai gamers are affected and you can imagine that video content and possibly VOIP is getting killed too.

Are any Thai Second Lifers feeling this pinch too?


KONA is throttled to a STOP, and its not your fault!

The ISPs in Thailand are throttling torrent bit streams and KONA comes on-and-off every minute or so.  Man, it is so irritating.    Here’s an answer I got on a forum:
What throttling does is constantly drop peer to seed or seed to peer connections. It can also disrupt any longer term outside connection originating outside Thailand that it suspects is engaging in file transferring.

This is why even online gaming is being effected.

I am forced to listen to my own music.   Argggh!    Just wanted to let you know why you’re not seeing me signed on lately.   Not sure what the policy is going to be moving forward, but right now I am throttled to a stop on listening to KONA, and I don’t do any torrents at all……

Take Care,


Ravishal Bentham at the Studio

KONA Radio is proud to announce that it will be the official radio station for the The All-Stars Relay for Life  Fashion Fest 2010. I will make a few live appearances during the week. I hope to see you there!

*** The All-Stars Relay for Life  Fashion Fest *** opens July 2 at 4pm SLT through July 11 at 10pm SLT!

Mark your calendars for this amazing extravaganza of Top SL Designers and everything you could possibly want or need to make you into the avatar you always wanted to be!! We have 9 sims running 24 hours a day showcasing Clothes, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes, Jewelry, Skins, Shapes, Accessories, you name it – if its for your avatar – it will be there!!

We will also have One of a Kind designs and limited editions by some wonderful SL designers – and we will be showcasing them in 3 fashion shows! And beginning July 5th, there will be Designer’s Choice Showcase Fashion Shows, featuring creations from our fabulous Fashion Fest Exhibitors, one show per sim! You dont want to miss this stunning display of what SL can really offer!!

Plus we have some of SL’s finest Live Music talent playing for you to help make this a festive and enjoyable event, and Live DeeJays cranking out the music and keeping you updated, and some wonderful fireworks to help us celebrate, and we will have auctions, a hunt and raffles.

Let’s help raise some money to Fight for a CURE and have a spectacular time doing it!!

RFL - Space Station #156 - Sponsored by Exodi & WoE

RFL - 44BC Rome - sponsored by Kunglers

KONA Radio will have a place here in the  Press Booth

RFL - 1957 Philadelphia - sponsored by DeLa

RFL - California Gold Rush - sponsored by A Touch of Ireland

RFL - Egypt - sponsored by G Sloane Couture

RFL - Early Paris - sponsored by CALLIE CLINE

RFL - Main Street - sponsored by Rebel Hope & RH Engel

RFL - Prehistoria - sponsored by VoGue Style

RFL - Renaissance - sponsored by Bliss Couture


For the past 3 years KONA Radio has derived it’s operating funds by having sponsors and soliciting donations. This has served pretty well as my income has easily met my expenses. However do to a recent and sustained increase in listenership my cost in royalty fees has jumped dramatically. In this current economy it’s getting more difficult to find people who are willing to sponsor, but there is still interest in advertising. Effective next month I’ll be changing licensing entities and will run advertising spots on air. Unlike terrestrial radio and many of the big web stations The advertising will not be in large blocks and will generally last less then a minute in duration. As a nod to my fans I’ll probably make the music sets longer between commercials.

So, if you’re interested in advertising on the most popular Second Life radio station as well as a popular iTunes radio station please contact me in world or send me an email at Ravishal.Bentham@gmail.com .

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