Idiots in SL

….saying something stupid like…


Having been a “black” avatar for about 11 months I had never experienced overt racism or comments that could be deemed insensitive, until tonight. Considering the events leading up to what was said the comments were not racist but something stupid and poorly chosen. I was with a friend at a club and remarked on a female skin I had seen earlier at a Mardi Gras event. The shading on the backside was a bit intense and suggested something “nasty”. We had our little chuckle about my observation and the conversation moved on. We then discussed how my friend had found an SL “twin” and that conversely my avatar was fairly unique:

[18:49]  Friend: i dont know who the heck she was
[18:49]  Friend: but it was kind of uncanny
[18:50]  You: Never seen anyone come close to me 🙂
[18:50]  Friend: no go
[18:50]  Friend: you are an original
[18:50]  Some guy: that’s cuz they won’t go near that butt streak skin

At that point I was pissed and angry. It looked like he compared my skin tone to a filthy backside. The anger passed quickly and the words just made me sick. OK, I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a crude, rascist way but on face value it sure  felt that way. I could well imagine how a black person could feel slighted by that kind of comment. One would think in this day and age people would be more careful about the words they choose. One thing I’ve learned in my 40 plus years is that once words are spoken you can never take them back, so please, choose them carefully.



In Other Words… umm, pictures


See my blog for some face shots I collected this week:

Hey, maybe you’ll see some more bikini shots!!!
Beach nite at Grizzy's


Culorz? I haz dem!

GoSpeed is on a bit of a color kick now with her photoblog so I decided to make this post a little picturesque too. OK, maybe I am not the best SL Photographer, or whatever they decide to call it nowadays. The event at Metamorphosis was a bit slow taking off but towards then end it picked up steam and a nice crowd was present. Well nice except for one smarty pants. I approached her and asked, ” C****e, dance?” and she said, “Oh, is that what I am doing now?” Pffft, great, whatever. Oh yeah that was so funny. A simple no thanks would have sufficed. Noticed how no one laughed? Way to score points in front of a crowd with your boss present.

While things were slow I did dance with Katt Milner. I snapped this shot as the sun was setting:
Take my hand

GoSpeed got to work the DJ booth as our gracious host JamesT Juno relaxes at the booth:
GoSpeed has the con

We all lined up for a group shot before the party broke up for the evening:
Group photo



Last month I caused a minor stir on the Flickr’s Second Life pool. This is the pool that was featured as a feed on the Linden Labs blog and was an opportunity for Flickr artist to have their screen shots displayed on a high traffic site. The crux of the problem was that blatant nudity, bare breast, genitals and violence was making it onto the feed. Although they claimed to have 8 moderators weeding this stuff out way too many were making it’s way through. I warned them they needed to do more like put up precise rules and gudelines, but they never did. The result is this:
SL pool screenshot

It could have been worse, the whole feed could have been replaced or yanked completely altogether.

Here’s looking at ya!!!
Sailor take warning


From time to time we do some stupid things in our Real Lives and our Second Lives. I did something really stupid and thoughtless in SL. An old acquaintance approached me for help on a project. I told that person I was unable to help directly, but pointed her to someone who may be able to help. Had I left it at there all would be golden, but I went over to where the project was and poked around. A few days later I saw a blog posting about it that was fairly critical of it. Like a dummy I posted a comment agreeing with some of the points and mentioning that I was approached for help. Stupid stupid stupid!

Although this was not a highly trafficked site my comment was noticed and traced back to my acquaintance. They caught a lot of grief. I was such an ass for my actions. Although this person never said it was hush hush, I simply did not think. My thoughtlessness has cost them and there is nothing I can do to take it back or make them whole again.

To my ex-friend I want to offer my sincerest apologies. There is no excuse for my actions and I regret them deeply. If I could make up for my actions I would gladly do it. I am so sorry and I do not blame you if can’t forgive me.




Friday the 12th of October will mark 1 year of broadcasting in Second Life for me. At some point we all find our niche here and mine was broadcasting music. Previously I had dabbled in shoutcasting with a couple of streams when I first got DSL but I never bothered with an external server. In May of 2004 I began to broadcast in the real world with some low power Ramsey kits on FM and AM. I perhaps got out a kilometer or so with some decent antennas. My transmitters still run today filling my yard and most of the neighborhood with my music.

Venturing into Second Life I mostly heard canned and stuffy commercial stations Like Sky FM or Club 977. Talk about tight playlist! Sheesh, if it wasn’t a number one in the charts you didn’t hear it. That changed when I discovered the Mowry Bay Yacht Club in June 2006. The club owner Saxxon Domela streamed his own music into Second Life “The Rock of Mowry Bay”. I was almost there. I had a station already running but lacked the funds to procure a shoutcast stream.

In September 2006 my partner and her friend began to work in the East End sims (now known as SLNE). They had a stream that was only used a few hours a week for artist and a DJ. I offered my services for a nominal fee and signed on 12 October 2006. The name East End Radio was chosen after the name of the estate. My relations with the sim owner were at times contentious. It seems that her idea of good music varied from mine. Sometimes she would commandeer the stream and spin her own tunes (while sipping copious amounts of alcohol). Invariably with the exception for the random Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne song I had every song she played in my collection. During that time I did work a lot to quell her concerns as to the apparent randomness of my music. With the helpful suggestions of Gwen, Gayle, and Diana I devised a rotation to separate the up tempo, slow tempo and “oddball” songs into their own blocks to give a sense of consistency.

As time went on I learned a bit more and had fun getting on the microphone and holding impromptu events. It was stifling knowing I could only be heard in the East End sims so I handed the URL out to a few friends and it was well received in Hukilau. Ha Ha, take that B.C.! My station even charted in the shoutcast ratings list, not too far below Phreak and T1 Radio. One of my favorite duties I took on was Master of Ceremonies at the Nantucket Theater. When an artist like Louis Volare or Kori Travanti came to perform I would get on stage, crack open the mic and introduce them. That was so cool!

However things do change and East End Radio came to an abrupt end in February… More about this and it’s relaunch as KONA Radio in my next installment.


GoSpeed 2

WOW! did that get your attention? If you recall back in May I entered the competition for the Simone Supermodel group and dropped it in disgust. Seems my senses are correct and Simone showed herself to be the cruel, heartless person she is. Mairead Fitzgerald made a couple of post about the crap she endured and ultimate demise of the group.

Her posts:


By the way, the poor gal ejected due to an ilness of a friend was my good friend Bronia Vanalten. She wanted it to be known it was her who was victimized. For someone supposedly dedicated to a charity helping the less fortunate Simone  seems to lack any empathy towards others and their suffering.

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