Idiots in SL

This video pretty much represents what I feel about Facebook. On the SL side it’s pretty useless as I get spammed constantly with invites, games, and whatever. My RL Facebook is a bit better as the friends list is much smaller and the friends I do have are a bit more mature and restrained than my SL brethren.  Can’t say I’ll miss FB very much if the axe on avatar accounts comes to fruition. Oh, I wouldn’t hold your breath to see if I’ll get an account on Avatars United. I’ve heard quite enough to know I don’t want to bother.


Lets get real. 750 Prims and 10 avatars max. What a  load of horsesh*t. Sure, 750 prims will garner you a nice lighthouse and a bunch of rocks and trees but the egregious part is the 10 avatar limit. In my 2-3/4 years in SL I spent a lot of time associated with the sailing community. A 10 avatar limit to a sim is not going to cut it. A large race and or regatta can have more than 10 avatars in a given sim at any time. The last damn thing you want is to have participants bounce off a sim boundary because there are too many avatars in a sim at once. I know for a fact several Lindens have watched races in the past and know how many people can be involved.

The sailing and other vehicle themed estates will still have to shed voids as they would no longer be as attractive to even renters/buyers.  In my experience perhaps 4 voids can be supported by 2-3 full sims if the residents don’t mind paying a bit extra to fund the void’s cost. It gets dicier after that as fluctuations in occupancy cuts into the void fund. A way around that is to rent or even sell voids to cover their cost. Provided enough free prims are left open for sailors and scripts are kept in check it all works out. This crippling of the voids will still have a deleterious effect as it will drastically reduce the amount of voids an estate can afford. As voids get dropped sims will have to be moved at a cost, further taxing the pockets of the sim owners.
Tako Cup 17

This is still a no win situation. Sailing may not die, but it will be effectively crippled.

Tako Cup 14

Linden Labs to destroy Sailing and Aeronautical interest in SL

It’s funny, last spring LL began allowing the sale of single open space sims (voids) and doubling their prim counts. Fine and dandy I suppose. It only encouraged people to get their won little slice of heaven in SL and have a sim of their own. Then LL began having second thoughts, people were doing lots of things in these void sims they were not originally intended for. In their questionable wisdom they’ve decided to lower the boom jack the prices up which will make them unattractive. From $75 to $125 a month tier. That’s pretty damn harsh indeed. But what really sucks is that many estates still use the open space sims for their intended purpose. Namely several sailing and Flying themed sims. Many of them have voids that are not sold, have only landscaping and are primarily used to support an active community of vehicle users, be they sailboats, planes, or cars. These voids were supported by tier collected on the full sized sims in the estate. An extra $50 USD tier per void is going to break the bank and cause these states to collapse. They will not be able to afford all their voids and will have to abandon them. With little or no room to drive a vehicle around they lose their appeal and will lose residents.

In this day of financial turmoil jacking the prices on voids is stupid. The very estates  using the voids for the expressed purposes they were created for will be the most affected. Way to go Linden Labs. An absolutely stupid F***ing move.

It’s the End of the World! (provided you could log in)

Yay, record number of logins today topping over 68,000. At this moment it has receded to 59,000 and they’ve closed logins. Sigh, not that I’d be able to stay in. It seems we go through this evolution every September when we lose connection. We had a bad card at the local CO that had to be replaced in September 2006, September 2007, and here recently on the 4th of July this year. Now I am getting short disconnects lasting a few seconds every 30 minutes or so. No idea what is going on now since our DSL signal is quiet strong with a D/SNR of 31 decibels. The phone tech set it up so the DSL signal only went to one wall jack, the one the DSL modem is plugged into. Guess what, still disconnecting. So we’ll see what the other techs say about the equipment at the CO or the DSLAM since they were on holiday. Either their gear is bad or my modem is failing in some sort of odd manner.

On a positive note KONA Radio keeps on trucking despite the bad connections. At its worst I was able to activate the Auto-DJ and have it carry the stream for a few hours until the connection stabilized. I’ve been adding some more artist to the play list to include Isaac Hayes, The Animals, and The Wonder Stuff. Here’s a link to an Isaac Hayes song that makes me laugh my ass off:

I want to wish well to all those people living on the gulf coast as they try to hunker down from Gustav’s onslaught. ( Well all except for one couple who live on a houseboat. I hope your boat joins all the computers the hubby threw overboard)

I didn’t join SL to be a part of the mainstream

Sadly it seems Linden Labs is well on its way to bleaching out unique elements of SL in a capricious and callous manner. Hey, I’m not a big fan of child avatars, Gor or BDSM but you know what? They don’t go out of their way to mess with me. All 3 of the above mentioned pretty much restrict their activities within their own communities. If I see a Gor, a child or someone decked in BDSM fetish clothing I am not threatened. SL, like RL is full of things that we may not personally agree with. How we choose to deal with it reflects our sensibilities and our tolerance. I think the residents of SL are pretty even keel and Libertarian in how they deal with their fellow residents and do not feel the need to ban or exclude segments of the population they find distasteful. Not so it seems LL. They now seem to fear public reaction when not too long ago they craved attention. Tsk tsk, they are acting like politicians now in that appearance is more important then standing for ideals.

Happy Rez day Stuart

Next, no Martian Llamas allowed!

For those of you who visit my blog you’ll see I have a Meebo chat gadget on the upper right hand side. When I have my Meebo client fired up I can chat with visitors on my blog. Those few conversations I have were mostly with people I already know and they passed along well wishes. However I seem to have a lurker / stalker on my blog. As you may have noticed I am not an overly prolific poster. I have dry spells sometimes where I don’t have much to talk about. The past few months I have noticed via Meebo that I have people who have camped out on my blog for 20-32 hours at a time. How do I know that? My meebo gadget keeps track of how long some one is on the page. So I got to wonder, who the hell is sitting on my blog, basically stalking me. Should I worry? So far they have not sent me threatening messages and they never respond to my IMs. Maybe they are clueless about the gadget? I wonder if I can get an IP address from them? I wonder… hmmmm.

 Waiting for something???

As I get ready to go to work this morning I look at my Meebo chat gadget. Somebody is parked on my blog page and has been there for over 4 hours. Are you waiting with baited breath for the next exciting installment??? LOL

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