In response to The Guild’s avatar video SL’s very own Pooky Amsterdam of The First Question & The Dating Casino has starred in her own video reply. First is the Guild’s video for those who have not seen it:

And this is Pooky’s response. She can sing too!!!!


So, as a child of the 70s I had to have a cool Cylon Centurion avatar. Add to that a memory of a song by Lipps Inc. circa 1980. You get this :

Shadows, a first look for me

Having recently acquired a new video card I decided to check out the unsupported shadows feature that’s appeared in the latest releases of the SL Viewer. The results weren’t too bad. The resulting frame rate for me was 8 FPS, somewhat usable for general SL use. The below video is the results I got.


You’ll notice that alpha textured items tend to flicker in and out and that the avatar shadow tends to degrade into point shadows.  Below are a few screen captures. The built in picture utility doesn’t work and fails to capture the shadows. A Print Screen or external utility will capture them though.

Shadows in SL

Under Crap's Tree - Shadows

In the above pic notice how dark it is at noon below Crap’s Clock Tree. Also notice how the eyes tend to glow/shine a bit too.

Shadows in Nowhereville

The Palm trees cast a shadow over the plane in the late afternoon. The shadows look weird at high noon as the prims used for the palm leaves  are vertically oriented and cast almost no shadow when the sun is overhead.

Shadows - midnight - no lite

Midnight is really dark now, even with the moonshine. GoSpeed’s fedora shades her face making it hard to distinguish her features.

I can imagine that many improvements and tweaks will occur before the shadow features are officially incorporated into the SL viewer.

Neda Agha SoltanI saw something today that literally tore my heart to pieces and made me cry out loud. Like many of you I am following the events in Iran closely. A revolution 30 years ago toppled a despised ruler who tried to force secularism down the throats of the Iranians. Fast forward to today and another revolution is trying to build up speed to topple an oppressive regime using fear and religion to keep people in line and obedient. Whereas the previous regime used secret police to do their dirty work the current rulers use plain clothes militia (Basiji) that are really no better than armed thugs. With the power granted to them by their weapons and tacit approval by the government they terrorize and intimidate anyone that stands out and presents a threat.  On 20 June a 26 year old Iranian woman named Neda Agha Soltan was on the street with her music teacher watching the demonstrations when  a sniper shot her in the chest with a high power weapon. In less than 2 minutes she died from her traumatic injuries, nothing could have saved her. This is a video of her last moments. Watch it. This is what the enemy of freedom does to it’s enemies. If you turn your back it will come for you and your loved ones. This lovely woman was some body’s daughter. She could represent anyone’s daughter, sister, or wife.

If you can do something, do it! If not, then talk about it, share it. Tell your president this should not stand.

When you look at this video her eyes look at the camera phone at first. She is looking at all of us.

KONA Radio Sunday Listener Party 430-530PM SLT – 5 April 2009

Today at 430pm SLT KONA Radio hosts its weekly listener party at the KONA Radio Studios in Nowhereville.

We feature the past week’s 100 Word Stories from Crap Mariner, Music Trivia, and selected tunes from the KONA Radio playlist.

KONA Radio :

Valentines Party gigs

Tonight I’ll be DJing at the Barn in Nantucket from 4-6pm SLT for their Valentines Day Extravaganza. Expect only the best in fine, romantic music.  Tonight’s event is is sponsored by three of SLNE’s businesses ; TenderLove, SHaFT Estates, & HappyHearts Singles Dating Service. All three will be raffling off select items from their offerings.  Other prizes will be awarded throughout the evening as well.
Nantucket Barn Valentines 2009

The  talented GoSpeed Racer will be commanding the KONA stream for her weekly gig from 1-3pm SLT at Fibber Magees in the Dublin 3 sim. She’s taking the opposite direction and playing some “anti-Valentine” tunes. So if you’re not in the mood for mush, be sure to go to her gig instead.
Spin and sip

Happy Valentines to you all!
Happy Valentines from Trill and Ravishal-3

A quick trip to THERE.COM

As crappy as the Grid may get it is still light years ahead of the competition. Back in the Spring of 2007 I created an account at while the grid was down hard for hours on end. I used it off and on over the months with the last time I logged in was early 2008. Tonight the grid’s general borkiness prompted me to think about There again and I hopped back over for a few hours with my SL parter Trill.
A new home and a fresh start

As you can see we look pretty normal for SL. There is a bit more primitive. I won;t scare you with closeups but Ruth and Joe Noob look pretty damn good compared to the There avatars.
Fungus platforms
Appearance wise the environment is fairly primitive, some objects are fairly detailed and rival what you see in SL. Sadly there are no in world builing or scripting tools. All objects and clothing must be created off world on must be cleared by There before they can be imported. Yeah, the economy is centrally controlled so choices are very limited. Here’s me and Trill meeting our clones:
So much for uniqueness
So much for uniqueness.

There are some activities in SL, dune buggies, hover boards and clubs.
Fishing in There

Oh, the big drawback? Children. You’re in the mix with people as young as 13. Cripes! I had a girl walk up and ask me for a kiss. I said no and she called me a bitch. That sounds about 13 to me. Creepy….

But when you do kiss your legal age sweetie the lips do match up :
Kissy faced in Coke land
Gestures do work OK here. There is also voice, but you need to be a premium member. Oh, you also need to be a premium if you want to tleport your friends to where you are. Yeah, it’s a racket, but the fee is a one time $10USD charge. Coca-Cola also has a big presence in too.

My advice? Not really worth the time but hey, if the grid is down or your locked out it’s better than nothing or Opensim.


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