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Rouge sim grand opening!

See my blog about Codie’s sim opening party for her new sim!

You know you want to see it, here, have a look at Zoe’s bum before you click the link. <wink>
More Zoe on the pole


Some recent images

If you look at the blog header you’ll see Rav made a new graphic for it :).

Sometimes images pile up on me but I don’t have the drive or time to do a full blog post about them. Still they are cool images I’d like to share with my readers.
LOOK! Up in the sky!
PS: No swastikas on the plane. Go doesn’t truck with Nazis
Huggin' Heath
Here I am impaling Heath with my fishing pole.
FDL Smith 1
A cement factory on a sim. FDL Smith, some European company.
Izabella and Ravishal on the rocks
Ravishal and Izabella relaxing on the mountainside in Aintree
ABBA at Club Neptune
ABBA chills out at the Club Neptune at the bottom of the sea.


The weekend is upon us and if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA it is forecasted that the weather will be perfect :). Why go to the beach or the chilly mountains? Stay home and cuddle your spouse or significant other. GoSpeed got off to a good start when she TPed me over to sim dedicated to aircraft. By the airfield was a park dedicated to the late Mannie Madonna who was famous for his motor yachts. Being supportive of her photographic hobby I agreed to pose with her.
Pose with Rav 3

You can see more on her blog :

While you are at home tune into KONA Radio for some good tunes. Playing quality music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Click the graphic to go to the homepage. ……….. Ravishal

Today is the first rez day for Nexo Sands and her friend arkin Masala. I first met Nexo about a year ago in the Fusion Bay sim. For those who remember Fusion Bay was a very popular sim that featured a nude beach and a shopping mall. Heck, there were times when 100 people would be packed onto the sim! KONA Radio was featured there and I had many fans who loved the station. One of the nicest people I had met there was Nexo Sands. She reminded me that she requested a Jimmy Buffet song and that I played it for her :). Nexo has since gone on to be pretty successful managing and assisting many SL music artist such as Dexter Inhen

I was invited to her party where Dexter played a few songs:
Dexter Ihnen

Nexo and arkin cutting a rug:
Nexo Sands & arkin Masala

And here is GoSpeed washing out my colors with her face light 🙂
Facelight washout

Pffft, as if I wasn’t white enough! LOL


Pics courtesy of GoSpeed

PS! Happy Second Rez day to Tasha Kostolany!
Sweetness Personified

GoSpeed picks her portrait 

GoSpeed gets her portrait done by Loki Popinjay and you can see the results here:

I definitely will contact him to get mine done. He does very good work indeed!

Ravishal and GoSpeed

For those who’ve been hiding under a rock lately Iheartsl was an attempt to get other blogs into syndication that were not making it onto World of SL. Whatever mojo is needed to get listed is a state secret of some sort. Anyways they had a good run until they ran into issues with their hosting company and their days of aggregation are over. Rather than bury it Gorgeous Yongho decided to make it a multi author blog. So if you are interested in contributing your two cents worth about your SL experience then drop her a line or leave a comment on the blog. GoSpeed has already taken the plunge and made her first post there.

Speaking of GoSpeed she really has outdone herself with this latest outfit.
Landon Sim 3

Seems she was looking for Louis Volare today.


WOW! Nimrod Yaffle IMed me last night and brought this to my attention. A Google image search for a “Speed Racer Helmet” brings two of my Flickr picks to the first page of the search results!

This is the car Nimrod is making:
MACH 5 work in progress

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