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Martini In The Morning, one the more ubiquitous internet streams in SL, has taken the big step and is now syndicated on a real world radio station. KPHX, AM 1480 in Phoenix, Arizona now carries MITM programming. This is the first instance of an internet only station making the jump to a terrestrial station. This is an awesome accomplishment and I applaud them for achieving this milestone.

MITM has in the past been active in SL as evidenced by this page. Does anyone know if they still hold events in world?

My station, KONA Radio,  is doing fine. Our recent inclusion in iTunes has more than doubled our listener rates and the feedback has been great from all my listeners no matter how they tune in.


Noob pictures of Heath Elvehjem and Louis Volare

I was digging through my old snapshots today and came cross some pics I took in 2006 of some well known SL musicians.  First up is Heath Elvehjem.

Here he is in all his noobish glory circa  August 2006
Another noobish Heath pic

and at his first performance in SL
Heath Elvehjem, the early days

He was a regular at the Mowry Bay Yacht Club where his manager, Jamey Sismondi, frequently sailed.

Next up is a rare pic of Louis Volare in his early days:
Louis Volare, Ravishal, and Kori Travanti

That’s me with Kori Travanti, yet another SL artist who along with Heath and Louis were managed by Jamey in their early days in SL.

They’ve come a long ways since then. Louis and Heath are still going strong, Kori has backed out of SL to work on her next CD, Trillium and thankfully I have better hair and skin 🙂 .

Lawnmowers in SL?

While spending time with a good friend Ginger this evening I noticed the beach grass was a bit high:

Ginger snuggles

Seems Go has been pretty busy with the grass seed and fertilizer out here. Do they make a scripted lawnmower in SL? Riding mower for me of course. Go can use a push mower :).

Need a lawnmower


Sooner later it finds you. That certain someone who makes you smile, makes you feel special. That certain someone who you can make feel good about themselves. It’s a happy place. A place I am determined to stay:)

Relaxing on the deck with Luna

Two Years of Streaming into SL

12 October marks the second anniversaty of streaming into SL for me. I began with East End Radio back in SLNE, which was known and “The East End” at that time. From October til February I was the home station for the estate providing music and airing the voices of the various residents as station IDs. My current station, KONA Radio plays in the SLNE estate and I will be hosting a special event from 3:30PM to 5:00 PM SLT at the Nantucket Theater. I’ll be playing special songs, telling stories, and handing out free Tshirts. If you are a KONA fan or were around when EER was active, please come on by and join us!

Katy, Cobalt, Gwen, and a much younger me!

East End Radio sign

Talk Like a Pirate Day in Nowhereveille

Ahoy there! Tomorrow from 2-6pm SLT, and maybe even later, there will be a pirate party in Nowhereville. Don your favorite pirate costume and join us all in sunny, sandy Nowhereville.

Ready for the pirate party-3

Schedule: (all times SLT)

2-3pm : DJ Ravishal

3-4pm : Zacharias Loon

4-5pm : Patrick LaSalle

5-6pm : DJ GoSpeed

There will be contest for the best for best Pirate costumes and other fun events and hijinks! If you lack pirate gear we have a vendor with a wide selection of clothes and gadgets for you to buy. Here’s a handy SLURL that will drop you next to it and the main stage.

Remember to behave yourself or GoSpeed will hit you with a chair!

Eat Chair!!!!

GoSpeed’s post about what a real friend is made me ponder about honor and loyalty. A real friend also embraces those two virtues and you can’t have a true friendship without those two. So here is my list of thoughts on them:

Honor and Loyalty is….

…keeping your promises.

…never forsaking others.

…valuing a person over things.

…standing by your friends even though you may lose status or power. True power is friendships.

…putting other peoples welfare before your pleasures.

…saying something when an injustice is done.

…doing all in your power to help your friends.

…is being honest.

…is suffering for your friends transgressions because you know they are weak, but will ultimately do the right thing.

…having faith in others who have proven themselves.

Honor and Loyalty is what makes a person or avatar special. To not embrace these virtues is to be as empty as the shell that our avatars are. To love, honor, cherish and be faithful to our loved ones makes us worthy of life. To fail this is to simply exist. Existence is futile, embrace life for your sake and the sake of others.

The past few months in SL has been very trying for me, GoSpeed, and our extended family. We have been terribly abused by those we felt close to. Fortunately we have a few good friends who have stood by us when others turned their backs on us. Friends are rare indeed, hold onto them and make sure you take good care of them. I am especially grateful for people like Yxes Delacroix, Crap Mariner, Grizzy Griswold, Ginger Shoshtakovich, Aribella Lafleur, Diana Allandale, Honour McMillan and several others. You guys never let us down and I am thankful for your friendship.

Never alone


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