All transitions are hard even if you’re shedding burdens. As mentioned in the last post I will switch from Shoutcast to Iceast (OGG) format on the KONA stream. It turns out a popular viewer currently does not support OGG, that would be Imprudence!. Apparently something broke in it last  month and it’s on the hot list to be fixed. Kinda sucks when people show up at a gig and can’t hear your stream. (They sure aren’t going to tip either.)

I’ve gotten a new cable modem from Comcast to replace our problematic Motorola unit. Of course it would be too simple to assume all the previous problems would simply disappear and nothing would replace them. Our new modem has a “WAN” port on it instead of the more common Ethernet port. No longer could I simply plug it into an Ethernet jack or WAN port in my 8 port hub. Yes, you read right, a HUB, that’s about 10 years old. I had to plug them modem into the Vonage adapter then feed it to the hub. It just works but there is a big flaw. When I move a lot of big files across the network it seems to swamp the network and it stops my station stream(s) from uploading to the server. Damn…. I’ll have to spring for a Switch it seems.





This video pretty much represents what I feel about Facebook. On the SL side it’s pretty useless as I get spammed constantly with invites, games, and whatever. My RL Facebook is a bit better as the friends list is much smaller and the friends I do have are a bit more mature and restrained than my SL brethren.  Can’t say I’ll miss FB very much if the axe on avatar accounts comes to fruition. Oh, I wouldn’t hold your breath to see if I’ll get an account on Avatars United. I’ve heard quite enough to know I don’t want to bother.

Release Candidate Bug – Crash at start up


Seems a few people out there are having problems with the latest Release Candidate viewer. Things will go fine and then BAM! They are not able to log back in. When trying to log back in it will crash to desktop when you see “Initializing World”. This actually happened to two of my SL capable computers at the SAME TIME. Coincidence? Maybe, but the other machines in our household did not have that problem. (Yes I and the spouse have several computers. We hold onto the older ones as back-up).

An Uninstall and Reinstall did not work. The Linden Lab blog had nothing but I did find in the LL forums that some one did have a solution. They recommended uninstalling ALL instances of SL, deleting every folder that SL creates and editing the registry to remove all instances of Secondlife in it. Well I did that and it indeed worked. I tried it on my other computer and missed a step and it did not work. What did I miss? Well there is a folder that holds the user settings and it is chocked full of XML files and screenshots of your Home and Last Location when you log off. In Windows XP that folder is at: C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\SecondLife . If you find yourself in the position where you can’t log in then try deleting that folder and launching SL again. My bet is that an XML file gets corrupted somehow preventing a successful login.

Since I’ve been a bit remiss in blogging lately here are some pics n’ stuff

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you’re a really effective flirt.

And you’re so good, you hardly notice that you’re flirting.

Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.

And the fact that you don’t know it is just that more attractive!

I’m a natural flirt it seems :).
Things get “Funky Funky Funky” at last nights party in Sailors Cove.
Running a radio station and DJing  you notice that not every who can listen to you music is actually listening. While you cannot insist that everyone you see in your “coverage area” to listen it is yet another matter when you are playing music for a party. They are there to listen to the tunes and socialize. Last night I had 16 people on the dance floor but my software said that only 10 were listening. Some of those 10 were no doubt elsewhere on the grid or listening via the website. To see who was listening I got on the mic and said IM me if you hear my voice. Four people responded and I paid them $25L. I shared this with a friend and station sponsor who offered my a big prize to hand out. I got back in chat and told the audience to be listening as I was going to hold another contest in 30 minutes and a new prize was to be awarded. Time ticked by and the listener count began to rise. I continued to tease the contest in chat and on the microphone and when the time came I said “5th person to IM me gets $2500L”. Congrats to Kendal Timeless for being a true fan!
Really, if you’re going to be at a party then at least tune in the music. If the music is not to your liking then why are you there? Seems you are going to miss out on half of the fun of being there. It might cost you too!
 Listen to KONA Radio for some good tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY! Google Calendars on a prim! click for a larger pic.

Stirring the Pot at Flickr


Normally I am an easy going, happy go lucky sort of avatar. Staying out of trouble (mostly), having fun, exploring, yadda yadda yadda… . There are times though when I get restless and want to rattle cages. Sometimes I rattle a bit too hard, but my intent is to make a point and not hurt somebody. This week I really stepped in it and caused a bit of a fuss. As many of you know there is a Flickr SL feed on the Linden Labs Blog. The general Second Life Pool is one of the most visible and heavily used SL photo pools and is prone to abuse. The only posted rule is this :

20 Sep 07 –Remember guys, the Second Life Group is a PG group. No nudity – thanks!

Nothing else, period. As I write this it is still written that way. For the past few months I’ve steadily noticed more racier and some downright nudity on the stream, some shots I saw right on the LL Blog page! A few were removed quickly, but most it seemed simply disappeared deeply into the archives. I decided to do a test and see what would happen. I did a series of pictures using poses where my avatar’s hands covered her breast. I uploaded them and flagged them as unsafe. Flagging them as unsafe will prevent them from being shown to people who opt out of seeing pics in that category. It also filters them out of Flickr feeds. I know for a fact that my RSS reader not show unsafe content on either my Google or Yahoo start pages. The only way you can see my unsafe content is to deliberately access it by lowering your thresholds on the Flickr page.

So, I posted the pics, attributed them as unsafe and submitted them to several SL related pools including the Second Life Pool. The next morning 3 out of the 5 were removed. OK, somebody was on the ball that night. I posted to the discussion forum and asked, well more like demanded somebody post the official standards, the rules, the cotton pickin’ guidelines. Sadly my tone was not the civil tone I normally use and it kinda put off some of the moderators.(Note to self, leave the sarcasm for people who get it.) On a positive note they did list point by point what was a no-go (no pun intended). However, they have failed to make it a public policy. Even with Torley Linden himself weighing in on the subject I don’t think they truly understand what I was trying to get across. While it may be impossible to adequately monitor the stream with 8 people it certainly would be helpful if everyone who posted had access to a full set of comprehensive rules. What may happen eventually is that something offensive will be posted, seen on the SL Blog page and the feed will be yanked, probably never to be returned or replaced by another. I can’t say they weren’t warned.

Below the fold are the pics I submitted to the feed:


My DSL line went down for 38 hours starting Wednesday night. God what a pain. Now I can get over not accessing SL, but I run a shoutcast station and it just killed me that my listeners and clients were without my services for so long. It also bugged me that so many would switch their media settings to a different station. Contacting everyone involved was a chore, but not insurmountable. I think the next time this happens (knock on wood) I’ll drag the broadcast computer over to a friends house so I can keep the station running.

I did at least have a bit of fun before my connection failed. See this link for more pics.




So you say you are unhappy about where you are. You live on a multiple sim estate and you have a disagreement with the owners. They are enforcing the covenant and you don’t like it. Fine, you sell and move on. Unless of course you are immature and prone to wrecking things you did not build in the first place. What do you do instead? You pout, you bitch and whine. Then you begin a campaign to discredit the owners and/or estate managers. Way to go shithead. All you did was buy some land. Maybe you helped organize events. But somewhere you forgot your place. You did not spend big money to purchase the sims. Nor did you spend hundreds (thousands actually) of hours developing it, marketing it, and running it on a daily basis. You did not abide by the covenant and your actions spoiled everyone else’s enjoyment of the sims. Or maybe you wanted more power to run things, but then demonstrated your incompetence and lack of leadership skills. If you are unahppy, move. STFU and take your 6th grade politics elsewhere. 8,000 plus sims out there for you to play in. Hit the road and don’t let the door hit you on your collective fat asses on the way out.


Saturday night me and my friend Abella accepted an invitation from Patrick Leavitt to go for a balloon ride. We TP over to Hollywood and sail north to my old stomping grounds SLNE. God it was so depressing. The docks where dozens of Takos used to be moored were empty. The lag was terrible too. The voids used to have 200 free prims for sailing, but that was cut to 75. Yeah, right. How come we bounced off two of them? The error message said there were not enough free prims left. Anyone want to hazard a guess why the Nantucket Yacht Club left SLNE? Nice, you let the void owners jam up their parcels to the brim, screw the sailors. The Nantucket and Mystic sims weren’t any better. Lord knows how many scripts were running and how close the prim counts were to the limits. I didn’t check because I couldn’t see the ground. I had to drop my draw distance down to 64 meters to keep from locking up.

Piece of advice for the sailors out there, stay in Hollywood, don’t go up north, you’ll only run aground on “Prim Reef”.


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