Per London Spengler‘s suggestion I have obtained an outfit from LaPointe, specifically the Pinstripe outfit. The Mystique was a bit too long in the trenchcoat for my taste. Here are the results:

LaPointe Pinstripe 1

LaPointe Pinstripe 2

Thanks to GoSpeed for giving my a HUD to control her photo studio:
Rav's dress me up challenge outfit

Any further suggestions? Leave a comment or IM me in world. And no Ginger, I insist on being dressed. Swimsuits don’t count. 🙂


Because Linden Labs are being such butt heads about people using their name I’ve decided to change the URL of my blog and move it over. My New URL is

the title is “GoSpeed Racer, a Second Life Avatar”

Please update your links please!


For those who’ve been hiding under a rock lately Iheartsl was an attempt to get other blogs into syndication that were not making it onto World of SL. Whatever mojo is needed to get listed is a state secret of some sort. Anyways they had a good run until they ran into issues with their hosting company and their days of aggregation are over. Rather than bury it Gorgeous Yongho decided to make it a multi author blog. So if you are interested in contributing your two cents worth about your SL experience then drop her a line or leave a comment on the blog. GoSpeed has already taken the plunge and made her first post there.

Speaking of GoSpeed she really has outdone herself with this latest outfit.
Landon Sim 3

Seems she was looking for Louis Volare today.


Podmafia Special – Rosedale steps down 


The surprise story about Philip Rosedale stepping down as CEO has the world of SL abuzz with talk today. The folks at will be holding a special session live via TalkShoe tonight at 7pm SLT . You may tune in there to listen live as several pundits discuss the possbile impacts on Second Life. Also I will try to simulcast it via KONA Radio (assuming the audio quality is good enough).  I will broadcast it later when it is produced and edited.

More to come as things change.

Release Candidate Bug – Crash at start up


Seems a few people out there are having problems with the latest Release Candidate viewer. Things will go fine and then BAM! They are not able to log back in. When trying to log back in it will crash to desktop when you see “Initializing World”. This actually happened to two of my SL capable computers at the SAME TIME. Coincidence? Maybe, but the other machines in our household did not have that problem. (Yes I and the spouse have several computers. We hold onto the older ones as back-up).

An Uninstall and Reinstall did not work. The Linden Lab blog had nothing but I did find in the LL forums that some one did have a solution. They recommended uninstalling ALL instances of SL, deleting every folder that SL creates and editing the registry to remove all instances of Secondlife in it. Well I did that and it indeed worked. I tried it on my other computer and missed a step and it did not work. What did I miss? Well there is a folder that holds the user settings and it is chocked full of XML files and screenshots of your Home and Last Location when you log off. In Windows XP that folder is at: C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\SecondLife . If you find yourself in the position where you can’t log in then try deleting that folder and launching SL again. My bet is that an XML file gets corrupted somehow preventing a successful login.

Since I’ve been a bit remiss in blogging lately here are some pics n’ stuff

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you’re a really effective flirt.

And you’re so good, you hardly notice that you’re flirting.

Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.

And the fact that you don’t know it is just that more attractive!

I’m a natural flirt it seems :).
Things get “Funky Funky Funky” at last nights party in Sailors Cove.
Running a radio station and DJing  you notice that not every who can listen to you music is actually listening. While you cannot insist that everyone you see in your “coverage area” to listen it is yet another matter when you are playing music for a party. They are there to listen to the tunes and socialize. Last night I had 16 people on the dance floor but my software said that only 10 were listening. Some of those 10 were no doubt elsewhere on the grid or listening via the website. To see who was listening I got on the mic and said IM me if you hear my voice. Four people responded and I paid them $25L. I shared this with a friend and station sponsor who offered my a big prize to hand out. I got back in chat and told the audience to be listening as I was going to hold another contest in 30 minutes and a new prize was to be awarded. Time ticked by and the listener count began to rise. I continued to tease the contest in chat and on the microphone and when the time came I said “5th person to IM me gets $2500L”. Congrats to Kendal Timeless for being a true fan!
Really, if you’re going to be at a party then at least tune in the music. If the music is not to your liking then why are you there? Seems you are going to miss out on half of the fun of being there. It might cost you too!
 Listen to KONA Radio for some good tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY! Google Calendars on a prim! click for a larger pic.

 Where is iheartsl ???


The new feed aggregator for SL blogs seems to have crashed and burned the past few days. Over the weekend the font was monster big, then yesterday it was a simple wordpress blog, now it is gone completely with a 404 error message. Oddly enough the fashion feed is still working. They must be on different servers then?

I certainly hope Melanie Kidd can get it back up and running soon. I was exposed to a lot more blogs via that site. Sites that Tao would not or could not add to his feed. I dunno, maybe I should give up on aggregator websites and just use my own reader. Sigh.

PS: Tao when are you going to fix how WordPress postings get messed up? If you have a graphic the title of your posting is the graphic filename. phooey! It wasn’t always that way. I’ve resorted to slapping the title on the top of my post.



I must say the Blogger meeting yesterday was a great success! The crowd was huge, well behaved and having a ball at the Tradewinds Yacht club! I let GoSpeed handle most of the planning and coordination and she performed well in her duties. Initially I hung back at the beginning so as to not get into the way but halfway through I jumped right in to hang with the crowd. I’m guessing people were having too much fun dancing and chatting to even bother with the games and the sailing, but what the hey, they were really enjoying each other’s company. Here are some links from some of the other participants

some Flickr Pools:

It was an extra pleasure to meet Tymmerie Thorne for the first time. I am a huge fan of her blog because she makes me smile 🙂 Also cool to meet was DJNoNo, a mashup artist who’s work I’ve been a fan of since 2004!



Hey! Whoa! Was that a blast or what Guys!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it was such a big thrill to have you come down to my little part of the grid and hang with me and Rav. I too was pleased to see and meet so many of my fellow bloggers! You guys are as great in person as you are in your writings. I highly encourage you bloggers out there to come to the nextmeeting in March because I can promise you that Crap Mariner will host one hell of a party!

Big Hugs to Rav, Crap and Zoe for showing support. Your being there was such a boost to me!

I leave you with my favorite pic of the night. Timothy Lilliehook with a blissful look on his face as Tiessa and Veryon float behind him.
Timothy is satsified