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RC sailboat – SWB Skutsje

Every now and again a new toy or device arrives in SL that is just plain fun. The last thing was Seven Seas Fishing. It is fun, social and you are awarded with free fishes, creatures and puzzles to solve. Today while in Nantucket I saw something that caught my eye. A “radio controlled” sailboat. The Dutch sailing barge, or “Skutsje” was lovingly crafted by Surfwidow Beaumont and it incorporates several HUDs (Control, Camera, and Control). Like most sailboats in SL the Skutsje uses the SL wind physics to drive it (it also can run on a motor). You also get a hand held remote to simulate the experience.

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 1

The particle wakes are a nice touch too:

SWB RC Dutch Barge 1.0 Racing - 2

The package also comes with miniature bouys so you could set up a race course and run for time.

I recommend using Mouselook to sail it and using CTRL-8,9,0 to zoom in and out to track the sailboat better at distances.

You can buy your own for only $250L here:



KONA Radio Sunday Listener Party 430-530PM SLT – 5 April 2009

Today at 430pm SLT KONA Radio hosts its weekly listener party at the KONA Radio Studios in Nowhereville.

We feature the past week’s 100 Word Stories from Crap Mariner, Music Trivia, and selected tunes from the KONA Radio playlist.

KONA Radio : http://www.konastream.com

Burning Bridges

So I’ve been wondering lately about a few things. When relationships end in SL be they partnerships, friendships or business why do SLers tend to burn bridges? In my 3 years in SL I’ve noticed a tendency for people to do cruel and crass things to people they formerly were close to. Is it the lack of personal, face to face interaction that feeds this revenge sort of behaviour? Having been on the receiving end of it I can say it really sucks that people can’t simply accept that disagreements will occur and to just get over it. Acting on your petty anger or perceiving that your so called SL honor has been slighted just diminishes yourself. It also hardens people against you.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been a saint here and I feel bad for stepping on some people. When I can I  try to patch things up and when it’s hopeless I write them off as a casualty. Second Life is still a very small community and I think it would be in a person’s best interest to start treating others with respect. Especially those you disagree with. If you feel the need to lash out or otherwise harm someone you have a disagreement with it will only come back at you in spades.

Metaverse TV is near


Crap Mariner recently posted about anger and his SL experience. I feel in my case that forgiveness is harder to come by from me. I am pretty straight forward about who I am, what I want and what I expect from others. If you can’t accept the fact that I have feelings and I deserve a bit of dignity then I simply can’t be around you. Some people say that I have anger issues. I say that I have an aversion to selfish, shallow people who hide behind an avatar. Like Crap said, it’s a big grid and ditching the parasites , backstabbers, and the all-or-nothing types can lead you to better opportunites.  I feel I am getting better and avoiding some people and situations that will cause me grief. But I walk the line between wearing my heart out on my sleeve and being hard-heated. Finding balance is tough and a never ending.

Rav out….

Shipping accident

Things are going along smoothly on the east end of Harbour where Trill and I have set up our home. The Grumpus will soon dock at the north end adding yet another stop in its circuit. However, there seems to be a serious maritime safety issue that needs to be resolved. We found this sad hulk foisted upon our eastern facing beach.

Shipping accident

The bald headed captain said The Grumpus cut him off causing him to run aground. Methinks Crap Mariner needs to program some of the Rules of the Road into it’s navigation scripting. That, or an adherence to IALA bouyage system. Those 7-Seas buoys aren’t going to cut it.

There goes the property values


Valentines Party gigs

Tonight I’ll be DJing at the Barn in Nantucket from 4-6pm SLT for their Valentines Day Extravaganza. Expect only the best in fine, romantic music.  Tonight’s event is is sponsored by three of SLNE’s businesses ; TenderLove, SHaFT Estates, & HappyHearts Singles Dating Service. All three will be raffling off select items from their offerings.  Other prizes will be awarded throughout the evening as well.
Nantucket Barn Valentines 2009

The  talented GoSpeed Racer will be commanding the KONA stream for her weekly gig from 1-3pm SLT at Fibber Magees in the Dublin 3 sim. She’s taking the opposite direction and playing some “anti-Valentine” tunes. So if you’re not in the mood for mush, be sure to go to her gig instead.
Spin and sip

Happy Valentines to you all!
Happy Valentines from Trill and Ravishal-3

Feels like home to me

Trill’s new home in Harbour is fully realized. Feels like a home to us now 🙂

The local building inspector came by to give his approval:
tempting fate on a glass celing

The Sunsets are awesome 🙂
Lovely sunset in Harbour

The Moonrises are nice too

Moonrise Rendezvous


What is Rock and Roll to me?

Sometimes you come across a song that personifies everything about a genre. For rock and roll this song by “The Kinks – Do It Again” is one of them. Great guitar wark, catchy lyrics, percussion, etc.. I am proud to add this song to the KONA Radio playlist:

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