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Because Linden Labs are being such butt heads about people using their name I’ve decided to change the URL of my blog and move it over. My New URL is


the title is “GoSpeed Racer, a Second Life Avatar”

Please update your links please!



Miss SL Ebony Round 1 -1

I made it!!!

YAY! I made it through the first round in the Miss SL Ebony 2008 pageant!



As you well know Edloe was recently devastated by a sneak attack. Crap Mariner seemed to think it was the Martians fault, albeit an accident. Well, pffftt, right. There are no accidents where the Martians are involved! I recently acquired footage from security cameras on the Clocktower and spotted the tell tale sign of a sneak attack!

What is this coming out of the sun!
OMG! incoming!

A Harpoon Missile! How dastardly!
A Martian incoming Harpoon Missile

There you go! Proof of how sinister those Martians are!

Beware! Beware!


After a year on the air I finally got around to making a Tshirt. I had approached a friend of a friend who wanted to charge me $600L to make one, I provided the graphics and gave instructions on how it should look, but after 3 weeks she gave up. Sigh. Yesterday me and Go are contacted by Roxanne Gray of Design by Rox, who sought to sponsor KONA. Part of our mutual deal was that she would create a T-Shirt for the group. Instead of 3 weeks of dithering she completed a T-shirt in 3 hours! Below are pictures of the new item 🙂
KONA Tshirt Front
KONA Tshirt Back

Thanks to GoSpeed for the pics 🙂

Contact me inworld for more information about KONA Radio and your free Tshirt. Also browse over to my webpage:


GoSpeed picks her portrait 

GoSpeed gets her portrait done by Loki Popinjay and you can see the results here:


I definitely will contact him to get mine done. He does very good work indeed!

Ravishal and GoSpeed


I am getting my portrait done and I am having a hard time deciding which one to chose. Go to my blog to see my two choices.


DJ GoSpeed at Clockwork Wednesday 26 Mar 2008 6-7pm SLT 

SEX… and LOVE!

by the lighthouse

Hope you can make it! Meet me in world at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Topgol/244/138/68

or tune in via KONA Radio at http://www.konastream.com


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