All transitions are hard even if you’re shedding burdens. As mentioned in the last post I will switch from Shoutcast to Iceast (OGG) format on the KONA stream. It turns out a popular viewer currently does not support OGG, that would be Imprudence!. Apparently something broke in it last  month and it’s on the hot list to be fixed. Kinda sucks when people show up at a gig and can’t hear your stream. (They sure aren’t going to tip either.)

I’ve gotten a new cable modem from Comcast to replace our problematic Motorola unit. Of course it would be too simple to assume all the previous problems would simply disappear and nothing would replace them. Our new modem has a “WAN” port on it instead of the more common Ethernet port. No longer could I simply plug it into an Ethernet jack or WAN port in my 8 port hub. Yes, you read right, a HUB, that’s about 10 years old. I had to plug them modem into the Vonage adapter then feed it to the hub. It just works but there is a big flaw. When I move a lot of big files across the network it seems to swamp the network and it stops my station stream(s) from uploading to the server. Damn…. I’ll have to spring for a Switch it seems.