Listening to KONA Radio on the iPhone

I’ve recently acquired an iPhone 3GS and all I can say is “WOW”. It is an awesome piece of technology that can handle multimedia just fine thank you! Naturally I got the unlimited data plan and began taking it through it’s paces with streaming music. There are several fine choices for the right price of “Free”.

FStream: Supports a wide range of formats such as MP3, Ogg, AAC, & WMA. It also can search a few directories for music such as Shoutcast and iTunes. You can find KONA Radio under the Golden Oldies section. FStream is especially good for mobile listening as you can increase the buffer size and number of attempted reconnects if the connection drops. Go here for more details


Shoutcast: An app from AOL/Shoutcast that allows you to search the shoutcast listings. Very basic. Download it from here: SHOUTCAST on iPhone


WWW.MOODIO.FM : A rather innovative solution to a common problem. Many stations broadcast in a format that your media player cannot receive or the bit rate is too high. This is a website that will receive the station for you and trans code it to a lower bit rate AAC formatted stream. The stream is then played over your Safari browser on the iPhone so you can collapse the browser and run other non audio based apps. If the station you want is not listed you can add it your self or request that it be added for you. To add KONA to your mobile page list just search for KONA Radio.

to quote their FAQ:

What phones are supported by Moodio?

Almost every modern phone with internet and multimedia capabilities should be able to receive radio through Moodio. What you basically need is a phone that supports 3GPP/3GPP2-streaming and understands the AACPlus-codec. This includes popular phones from manufacturers like BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Apple’s (non-3GPP-compatible) iPhone is also supported.

Windows Mobile does not natively support 3GPP streaming. This means that Moodio won’t work on these phones, except for the few models where the manufacturer installed a 3GPP compatible player, like HTC does on their more recent phones. For more info about the HTC player and how to install it on your own Windows phone, look here.


If you’re on Windows Mobile or Palm OS you can listen in via a wide variety of  media players such as Pocket Tunes. The Palm Pre will stream MP3 shoutcast with it’s native media player.

For your parcel in SL use this URL:

JUNE Ratings for selected Second Life based* radio stations.

Report Date: Wed Jul  1 04:00:02 2009
** Top stations by TTSL
30 day rolling total, taken from 30 days of data
POS            TTSL              TUNE-INS    5-MIN-TUNE-INS    STATION
#2634      14,044            31,426            7,527            KONA Radio – Qlty Music 60s 70s & 80s
#3408      9,372.75          36,420       10,247           SLR2 – Second Life Radio
#6042      3,659.5           18,198            5,915             Live Radio SL
#8164      2,035.25          7,361             2,990             K-TOX Toxian City Radio Second Life – Industrial and More!
#11332     1,077.5           4,244             1,548             K-TOX Toxian City Radio Second Life  – Industrial And more!
#7214      2,587.5           6,330              2,569             BZoO WorldWide Radio
#7985      2,127.25          15,268           5,807            Reggae Romance….100% Vibes, Soca, Dancehall, Roots, Second Life
#10805     1,176.75          8,225             1,799             **T1 Radio **

* Stations that maintain a nominal presence and exhibit some degree of social interaction in the virtual world of Second Life.

Kicking ass and taking names! KONA is sitting on top with the nearest station being the German SLR2 station. A very distant 3rd is the Live Radio SL featuring SL artist exclusively. Closely following is K-TOX based in the Midian sims and favored by many post apocalypse RPers. Next is BzoO Radio described as “HOT RoCK DaNCe Radio ~ DOiN da House Blues Rock Funk Club Dance!!”  Filling out the bottom is Reggae Romance and **T1 Radio**.

There are many other radio stations in SL but they did not make this list because their listenership was less than 1,000 hours per month or they are Icecast based and thus listed elsewhere.

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