KONA Radio in the news!

A while back I was interviewd for VR Style Magazine June 2009 Issue. The issue is now out and can be found here http://issuu.com/slvibe/docs/vrstyle-june09 . The interview can be found on page 142-145. All in all a pretty nice article. Maybe a bit brief but I’ll take the publicity where I can.  In the interview I stressed on how I tried to stay in touch with the SL community through DJ gigs, SL based sponsorships, promoting our “hometown artist” and sharing the music where I can. I recall as a youth hearing community radio stations that interacted with the locals. That is increasingly becoming a rarity nowadays. DJs and sales staff are being whacked left and right in favor of canned and syndicated programming. Those old fashioned mom and pop radio stations do exist. The other day I was exploring the great plains in Google Map and stumbled across a wiki link for Rugby, North Dakota, the geographic center of the North American continent. Seems they have their own radio station. Visit this link  KZZJ and explore the site a bit and you’ll get the picture on how radio used to be.

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