A quick trip to THERE.COM

As crappy as the Grid may get it is still light years ahead of the competition. Back in the Spring of 2007 I created an account at There.com while the grid was down hard for hours on end. I used it off and on over the months with the last time I logged in was early 2008. Tonight the grid’s general borkiness prompted me to think about There again and I hopped back over for a few hours with my SL parter Trill.
A new home and a fresh start

As you can see we look pretty normal for SL. There is a bit more primitive. I won;t scare you with closeups but Ruth and Joe Noob look pretty damn good compared to the There avatars.
Fungus platforms
Appearance wise the environment is fairly primitive, some objects are fairly detailed and rival what you see in SL. Sadly there are no in world builing or scripting tools. All objects and clothing must be created off world on must be cleared by There before they can be imported. Yeah, the economy is centrally controlled so choices are very limited. Here’s me and Trill meeting our clones:
So much for uniqueness
So much for uniqueness.

There are some activities in SL, dune buggies, hover boards and clubs.
Fishing in There

Oh, the big drawback? Children. You’re in the mix with people as young as 13. Cripes! I had a girl walk up and ask me for a kiss. I said no and she called me a bitch. That sounds about 13 to me. Creepy….

But when you do kiss your legal age sweetie the lips do match up :
Kissy faced in Coke land
Gestures do work OK here. There is also voice, but you need to be a premium member. Oh, you also need to be a premium if you want to tleport your friends to where you are. Yeah, it’s a racket, but the fee is a one time $10USD charge. Coca-Cola also has a big presence in There.com too.

My advice? Not really worth the time but hey, if the grid is down or your locked out it’s better than nothing or Opensim.