Noob pictures of Heath Elvehjem and Louis Volare

I was digging through my old snapshots today and came cross some pics I took in 2006 of some well known SL musicians.  First up is Heath Elvehjem.

Here he is in all his noobish glory circa  August 2006
Another noobish Heath pic

and at his first performance in SL
Heath Elvehjem, the early days

He was a regular at the Mowry Bay Yacht Club where his manager, Jamey Sismondi, frequently sailed.

Next up is a rare pic of Louis Volare in his early days:
Louis Volare, Ravishal, and Kori Travanti

That’s me with Kori Travanti, yet another SL artist who along with Heath and Louis were managed by Jamey in their early days in SL.

They’ve come a long ways since then. Louis and Heath are still going strong, Kori has backed out of SL to work on her next CD, Trillium and thankfully I have better hair and skin 🙂 .