Lets get real. 750 Prims and 10 avatars max. What a  load of horsesh*t. Sure, 750 prims will garner you a nice lighthouse and a bunch of rocks and trees but the egregious part is the 10 avatar limit. In my 2-3/4 years in SL I spent a lot of time associated with the sailing community. A 10 avatar limit to a sim is not going to cut it. A large race and or regatta can have more than 10 avatars in a given sim at any time. The last damn thing you want is to have participants bounce off a sim boundary because there are too many avatars in a sim at once. I know for a fact several Lindens have watched races in the past and know how many people can be involved.

The sailing and other vehicle themed estates will still have to shed voids as they would no longer be as attractive to even renters/buyers.  In my experience perhaps 4 voids can be supported by 2-3 full sims if the residents don’t mind paying a bit extra to fund the void’s cost. It gets dicier after that as fluctuations in occupancy cuts into the void fund. A way around that is to rent or even sell voids to cover their cost. Provided enough free prims are left open for sailors and scripts are kept in check it all works out. This crippling of the voids will still have a deleterious effect as it will drastically reduce the amount of voids an estate can afford. As voids get dropped sims will have to be moved at a cost, further taxing the pockets of the sim owners.
Tako Cup 17

This is still a no win situation. Sailing may not die, but it will be effectively crippled.

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