Linden Labs to destroy Sailing and Aeronautical interest in SL

It’s funny, last spring LL began allowing the sale of single open space sims (voids) and doubling their prim counts. Fine and dandy I suppose. It only encouraged people to get their won little slice of heaven in SL and have a sim of their own. Then LL began having second thoughts, people were doing lots of things in these void sims they were not originally intended for. In their questionable wisdom they’ve decided to lower the boom jack the prices up which will make them unattractive. From $75 to $125 a month tier. That’s pretty damn harsh indeed. But what really sucks is that many estates still use the open space sims for their intended purpose. Namely several sailing and Flying themed sims. Many of them have voids that are not sold, have only landscaping and are primarily used to support an active community of vehicle users, be they sailboats, planes, or cars. These voids were supported by tier collected on the full sized sims in the estate. An extra $50 USD tier per void is going to break the bank and cause these states to collapse. They will not be able to afford all their voids and will have to abandon them. With little or no room to drive a vehicle around they lose their appeal and will lose residents.

In this day of financial turmoil jacking the prices on voids is stupid. The very estatesĀ  using the voids for the expressed purposes they were created for will be the most affected. Way to go Linden Labs. An absolutely stupid F***ing move.