Talk Like a Pirate Day in Nowhereveille

Ahoy there! Tomorrow from 2-6pm SLT, and maybe even later, there will be a pirate party in Nowhereville. Don your favorite pirate costume and join us all in sunny, sandy Nowhereville.

Ready for the pirate party-3

Schedule: (all times SLT)

2-3pm : DJ Ravishal

3-4pm : Zacharias Loon

4-5pm : Patrick LaSalle

5-6pm : DJ GoSpeed

There will be contest for the best for best Pirate costumes and other fun events and hijinks! If you lack pirate gear we have a vendor with a wide selection of clothes and gadgets for you to buy. Here’s a handy SLURL that will drop you next to it and the main stage.

Remember to behave yourself or GoSpeed will hit you with a chair!

Eat Chair!!!!