And so time goes on and more changes come about. This week me and GoSpeed moved KONA Radio from the mainland to a private estate where we enjoy a lot of support from the owners and citizens. I certainly look forward to new opportunities and getting to know better many of the residents of “The Islands”. Our new studio is located on the south end of Nowhereville.

Our mainland is up for sale. 2700 SQ Meters split into two parcels. One for me the other for my spouse. I much prefer to sell both at once. IM me if you are interested and we can arrange a transaction. The parcel is waterfront and also abuts a Linden road so you are protected on two side. TP here to scope it out. It sits on a large lake system which makes it great for sailing.

This past few weeks has seen over 100 new tunes added to the KONA Radio Playlist. I have a blog dedicated just to KONA Radio and it can be found here:

A nice studio with a view:
Sunrises are beautiful in Nowhereville

Decorating with some classy furniture made by LaDonna Upshaw:
The furniture was no worky

Working on the ID3 tages of my new MP3s:
Working hard