It’s the End of the World! (provided you could log in)

Yay, record number of logins today topping over 68,000. At this moment it has receded to 59,000 and they’ve closed logins. Sigh, not that I’d be able to stay in. It seems we go through this evolution every September when we lose connection. We had a bad card at the local CO that had to be replaced in September 2006, September 2007, and here recently on the 4th of July this year. Now I am getting short disconnects lasting a few seconds every 30 minutes or so. No idea what is going on now since our DSL signal is quiet strong with a D/SNR of 31 decibels. The phone tech set it up so the DSL signal only went to one wall jack, the one the DSL modem is plugged into. Guess what, still disconnecting. So we’ll see what the other techs say about the equipment at the CO or the DSLAM since they were on holiday. Either their gear is bad or my modem is failing in some sort of odd manner.

On a positive note KONA Radio keeps on trucking despite the bad connections. At its worst I was able to activate the Auto-DJ and have it carry the stream for a few hours until the connection stabilized. I’ve been adding some more artist to the play list to include Isaac Hayes, The Animals, and The Wonder Stuff. Here’s a link to an Isaac Hayes song that makes me laugh my ass off:

I want to wish well to all those people living on the gulf coast as they try to hunker down from Gustav’s onslaught. ( Well all except for one couple who live on a houseboat. I hope your boat joins all the computers the hubby threw overboard)