I didn’t join SL to be a part of the mainstream

Sadly it seems Linden Labs is well on its way to bleaching out unique elements of SL in a capricious and callous manner. Hey, I’m not a big fan of child avatars, Gor or BDSM but you know what? They don’t go out of their way to mess with me. All 3 of the above mentioned pretty much restrict their activities within their own communities. If I see a Gor, a child or someone decked in BDSM fetish clothing I am not threatened. SL, like RL is full of things that we may not personally agree with. How we choose to deal with it reflects our sensibilities and our tolerance. I think the residents of SL are pretty even keel and Libertarian in how they deal with their fellow residents and do not feel the need to ban or exclude segments of the population they find distasteful. Not so it seems LL. They now seem to fear public reaction when not too long ago they craved attention. Tsk tsk, they are acting like politicians now in that appearance is more important then standing for ideals.


Happy Rez day Stuart

Next, no Martian Llamas allowed!