Friday, May 16th, 2008


I am at a party that is overflowing with god-awful sound gestures. Now don’t  get me wrong, I like funny gestures used sparingly, but at parties my god it gets frakkin tedious! A new word popped in my head and I immedieately Twittered it where it got a favorable response. The Word : Soundtard . A Soundtard is anyone who excessively uses loud obnoxious sounds and gestures. Use the word, spread it around, put a name to that boorish behaviour.


For those of you who visit my blog you’ll see I have a Meebo chat gadget on the upper right hand side. When I have my Meebo client fired up I can chat with visitors on my blog. Those few conversations I have were mostly with people I already know and they passed along well wishes. However I seem to have a lurker / stalker on my blog. As you may have noticed I am not an overly prolific poster. I have dry spells sometimes where I don’t have much to talk about. The past few months I have noticed via Meebo that I have people who have camped out on my blog for 20-32 hours at a time. How do I know that? My meebo gadget keeps track of how long some one is on the page. So I got to wonder, who the hell is sitting on my blog, basically stalking me. Should I worry? So far they have not sent me threatening messages and they never respond to my IMs. Maybe they are clueless about the gadget? I wonder if I can get an IP address from them? I wonder… hmmmm.