Just a quick note that I have signed up for the public beta, installed the client and logged in world. Definitely not ready for the typical joe. There are no English menus and my system cannot render Chinese script either. I was able to stumble through avatar creation and arrive inworld. The 3 male and 3 female avatars are asian in appearance and not to bad looking. The hair is non prim, yuck. When you rez there you are lost! The menus are unusable and when you do try to chat you see gibberish. So I actively avoided other avatars and explored. Graphically speaking the ground looks very familiar. It was night time and the sky was pretty. The trees, rock s, and water all looked very good. Much better than the basic Linden stuff.

Until such time HiPiHi releases a client with English menus I don’t think I’ll spend much time there. I can’t chat with the locals! Maybe SuzanneC Baskerville has some insight into this.