Today is the first rez day for Nexo Sands and her friend arkin Masala. I first met Nexo about a year ago in the Fusion Bay sim. For those who remember Fusion Bay was a very popular sim that featured a nude beach and a shopping mall. Heck, there were times when 100 people would be packed onto the sim! KONA Radio was featured there and I had many fans who loved the station. One of the nicest people I had met there was Nexo Sands. She reminded me that she requested a Jimmy Buffet song and that I played it for her :). Nexo has since gone on to be pretty successful managing and assisting many SL music artist such as Dexter Inhen

I was invited to her party where Dexter played a few songs:
Dexter Ihnen

Nexo and arkin cutting a rug:
Nexo Sands & arkin Masala

And here is GoSpeed washing out my colors with her face light 🙂
Facelight washout

Pffft, as if I wasn’t white enough! LOL


Pics courtesy of GoSpeed

PS! Happy Second Rez day to Tasha Kostolany!
Sweetness Personified