Where is iheartsl ???


The new feed aggregator for SL blogs seems to have crashed and burned the past few days. Over the weekend the font was monster big, then yesterday it was a simple wordpress blog, now it is gone completely with a 404 error message. Oddly enough the fashion feed is still working. They must be on different servers then?

I certainly hope Melanie Kidd can get it back up and running soon. I was exposed to a lot more blogs via that site. Sites that Tao would not or could not add to his feed. I dunno, maybe I should give up on aggregator websites and just use my own reader. Sigh.

PS: Tao when are you going to fix how WordPress postings get messed up? If you have a graphic the title of your posting is the graphic filename. phooey! It wasn’t always that way. I’ve resorted to slapping the title on the top of my post.