I must say the Blogger meeting yesterday was a great success! The crowd was huge, well behaved and having a ball at the Tradewinds Yacht club! I let GoSpeed handle most of the planning and coordination and she performed well in her duties. Initially I hung back at the beginning so as to not get into the way but halfway through I jumped right in to hang with the crowd. I’m guessing people were having too much fun dancing and chatting to even bother with the games and the sailing, but what the hey, they were really enjoying each other’s company. Here are some links from some of the other participants



some Flickr Pools:



It was an extra pleasure to meet Tymmerie Thorne for the first time. I am a huge fan of her blog because she makes me smile 🙂 Also cool to meet was DJNoNo, a mashup artist who’s work I’ve been a fan of since 2004!



Hey! Whoa! Was that a blast or what Guys!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it was such a big thrill to have you come down to my little part of the grid and hang with me and Rav. I too was pleased to see and meet so many of my fellow bloggers! You guys are as great in person as you are in your writings. I highly encourage you bloggers out there to come to the nextmeeting in March because I can promise you that Crap Mariner will host one hell of a party!

Big Hugs to Rav, Crap and Zoe for showing support. Your being there was such a boost to me!

I leave you with my favorite pic of the night. Timothy Lilliehook with a blissful look on his face as Tiessa and Veryon float behind him.
Timothy is satsified